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Heli-Skiing In Antarctica

Still considered one of the most inaccessible destinations on the planet, a polar desert covered by ice sheets and surrounded by mountains, skiing in Antarctica has become the greatest challenge yet for skiers who crave a true skiing adventure.

When to go
Ideal length
10 days

Pelorus is pioneering heli skiing in Antarctica and paving the way for the future of explorers in the white desert. A wilderness of breath-taking landscape that stretches further than the eye can see, this terrain offers an abundance of white slopes and fresh slate as the geography of Antarctic ice is constantly changing.

Skiing in the Antarctic Peninsula to reach untouched peaks, further inland than Man has skied before, is now possible with the deployment of two helicopters that will drop you off at one summit and take you to the next. With long days stretching between 18 and 22 hours of daylight during the summer months there’s ample opportunity to enjoy multiple descents down the snowy slopes of Antarctica.

Planned by our well-seasoned team who have created countless bespoke concepts for polar expeditions, Pelorus selects only the most experienced Antarctica skiing guides for this challenging terrain, who put your safety and comfort at the forefront of every voyage into the ice. Securing the best ice pilots, expedition leaders and equipment fit for the harshest of climates – every detail is taken care of to ensure that your heli skiing adventure goes as smooth as the slopes themselves.  

This life-changing experience on the seventh continent doesn’t stop at skiing with a unique opportunity to trek peaks and gain a panoramic perspective of this beautiful landscape, climb ice cliffs and abseil into a giant crevasse, and kayak through the icy waters alongside colossal icebergs.

Having access to helicopters on this expedition also gives explorers the ability to ski down to observe the polar region’s wildlife, observing sea lion and emperor penguin colonies as well as up to six species of whales – the Antarctic is far more than a blank canvas of snow. 

For those looking for the world’s best heli skiing destination and won’t settle for anything less, Antarctica is truly in a class of its own. It is the coldest and driest of all the continents on Earth, making it the most challenging and equally rewarding of its kind – a desert of virgin snow ready to be explored by those daring enough to accept its call. 


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