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heli ski sweden


Heli-Skiing In Sweden

The ultimate experience for adrenaline seekers looking for a unique alpine conquest, heli-skiing offers the chance to go far beyond the beaten track as you ski across stunning glaciers, carve fresh tracks in pristine snow, and explore otherwise inaccessible and utterly spectacular landscapes.

When to go
Ideal length
7 nights

Discover the remote peaks of Sweden, as you take on over 8,000 square kilometres of alpine skiing, featuring all levels of terrain amidst breathtaking scenery. A high alpine area located just north of the Polar circle on the border of Norway and Sweden, Riksgränsen is a skier’s paradise: unregulated, wild, and undisturbed.

Made accessible by helicopter, there are over 100 unique peaks with varying vertical drops to choose from, so skiers of all abilities will find something to enjoy. Begin on powdered slopes where you will ski down to sea level as you enjoy views of the fjords all around you. The landscapes in this region are geographically spectacular, particularly where the Skanderna mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean, so you can expect pristine slopes with mesmerising views in all directions.

Best of all? This experience can be tailored to be completely exclusive to you, granting private access to some of the most sought after skiing locations in all of Sweden.

During the months of March through to May, there is a strong chance of catching sight of the elusive Northern Lights as they move across the Arctic sky. For those visiting Sweden later in the season, you’ll be able to prolong your days as you ski under the midnight sun – a truly unique and surreal experience.

You’ll stay at Meteorlogen Ski Lodge, the oldest surviving building in Riksgränsen. Built in 1903 for use as a meteorology station, the lodge has been lovingly restored to a charming hotel that prides itself on feeling like a home away from home. There are 14 rooms of varying sizes that have been designed to reflect the history of the building (whilst amplifying the comfort), and you can enjoy deliciously prepared meals made from locally sourced ingredients, as well as a well-deserved massage to revive aching muscles after a full day of skiing.

heli ski sweden heli ski sweden
heli ski sweden heli ski sweden

In addition to the great range of ski-focused experiences, there are a number of other snow-filled activities in this area, from ice climbing and snowmobiling to snow kiting, dog sledging, or speed boating in the Norwegian fjords. Your helicopter will be completely at your disposal for the duration of your stay, so you have maximum flexibility and can adjust your plans to suit your interests.

Images courtesy of Arctic Elements


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