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Travel bucket list Faroe Islands on coastline

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Read about HTSI editor Jo Ellison’s incredible trip to the Faroe Islands with her family, designed by Pelorus. As featured as part of FT Weekend (HTSI), online and in print. 

June 2022

“The Faroe Islands are not a destination for the faint-hearted.” 

Pelorus recently planned an unforgettable trip to the Faroe Islands for HTSI editor Jo Ellison and her family, taking in the best of this Danish archipelago tucked away between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean. From sampling local seafood cooked up in private dinners with sought-after chefs to experiencing a concert of folk and jazz music performed in a cave – “In the boat’s torchlight I see figures appearing in the rock face, and understand why these lands are dense with myth” – Jo Ellison’s Faroese experience was a Pelorus experience not to be forgotten. 

HTSI Faroe Islands

“I have come to the Faroes out of curiosity. I’m fascinated to know what it’s like to live in a climate so unforgiving that the temperature rarely exceeds 15 degrees. I want to see the jagged landscape and walk on cliffs, some of the highest in Europe, that rise around 750m above the sea. Actually, I don’t have the stomach to manage anything so daring. The cliffs I edge are only 350m tall. But lying on one’s belly while peering over is still completely overwhelming; it’s hard not to be gripped by the brutal majesty of it all.”

Jo Ellison
Editor of HTSI

“You soon learn in the Faroes not to anticipate an itinerary.” This is where Pelorus comes in, designing a trip alongside local experts that take into account ever-changing weather conditions and last-minute changes so every element is foreseen and taken care of. 

“But the Faroese seem pretty happy with their islands; there’s a collective optimism in the knowledge that you can’t predict what happens next.”

Read the full article by Jo Ellison in HTSI via the link below. 

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