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In Every Cloud

A spotlight on the admirable, united and creative force that is the travel industry.


In 2010 the eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull transformed Western Europe and Scandinavia into an unprecedented no-fly zone. Shortly followed by 18-months of relentlessly depressing news coverage about the economic demise, the eruption, in comparison, may have been the best thing to ever happen to Iceland. A comment shortly after flights resumed in late April cited, “This was not a catastrophe but a national event that oddly seemed to be bringing people together and burying coverage of the financial meltdown under a metaphorical layer of ash.”

Now on a global scale, the travel industry finds itself stationary and lost, as if in a mega-ash cloud. PELORUS prides itself in our network. We work with the world’s most innovative networks, suppliers and brands across the globe – as thought leaders in the travel industry, to produce out-of-the-box events, experiences and once-in-a-lifetime trips for families, individuals and companies-alike. From within this network, we dust off inspirational stories of positivity and innovation to inspire and celebrate what the travel industry is built of: strength, innovation and kindness.

The work that our partners are doing, to be as accommodating and flexible as possible for clients whose trips have been affected, is phenomenal, we are maintaining close communications and nurturing local relationships with partners across the world.


“A few months ago we received a new enquiry from one of our favourite clients who was looking to get away for a long weekend with his family on very short notice. We had a call with the client and we were able to get a really strong understanding of what they we looking to get out of the trip. Given the very short lead time we expedited the planning process and settled on Israel and Jordan as the location that we could create the experience that would achieve the client’s intent.

The fact that it was Rosh Hashanah posed significant challenges but our brilliant local contact put in a phenomenal amount of work and was able to pull a lot of strings, ensuring we delivered a phenomenal trip that allowed the family exclusive opportunities to experience the myriad wonders of Jerusalem, the Ramon Crater and the Lost City of Petra”


“We had a situation when our charter vessel broke down whilst on passage to the Solomon Islands. Unfortunately our clients were already in the air so whilst the Captain made for the nearest yard and worked on fixing the issue, our supplier dashed all over the islands and managed to find an awesome lodge with rooms over the water in the right remote area for the clients. We transferred our experiences to operate from a land base for one night and two days until the captain and vessel made it to the islands, fully ready to go”.


“We had a corporate group who were due to arrive at a private canyon dinner, in a ‘remote’ area of the Agafey desert. After unprecedented rain in Marrakesh at that time of year, every canyon was flooded and flowing with water from the Atlas. With no way of accessing more kit, the clients were due to be turned back to their tented camp. Our supplier, with the local team’s help, flipped our desert camp: turning the dining tent into a performance space, and the outside area into a fire pit. Awash with candles and decoration, the area was transformed into a make-shift pop-up party space which was met with awe and gasps as guests returned”.


“A client close to PELORUS family, flew to Papua New Guinea for their honeymoon with us. They had landed in the jungle in the hope of seeing mummified bodies on spikes, native to the Papua New Guinea. However, on landing the strong man of the village voiced that these were now not allowed for us to see. Our guide and local expert would not let this tar the journey, and was not going to give up. Pushing to find more, he began asking the locals in a near by village in fluent Pigeon. After much exploring, one local said he had seen others in a near by valley. Without maps, gps or even a pin, the team piled into a helicopter to lift over to the supposed new site. The guide encouraged the local to join in the aerial search. Such a thing as a helicopter flight has never been experienced by the tribesmen! Once the exasperation of a helicopter was overcome by the tribesman, he luckily pointed to a new site – spotting the valley from above. As our clients land, they trek into this new jungle, where they stumble upon a new burial site all together – possibly completely unseen by non-islanders. It was the forward thinking, diligence and resilience from our local guide that made the peak of our clients honeymoon, something they could never forget”.

PELORUS is working collectively, and drawing on our combined business knowledge, expertise and passions to make a difference to the world of private and corporate travel, helping individuals and brands proactively plan and execute important events and activations in the future. Get in touch by writing to us at info@pelorusx.com to find out how we can help.

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