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Introducing: The new Pelorus website

With the desire to show you the world at its finest through the Pelorus lens, our new website is a global portfolio of exciting experiences and stories that seek to transform.


Since launching in 2017, Pelorus has exceeded the boundaries of experiential travel. Now, three years on, we are excited to share with you our new website. Re-designed to reflect our renewed commitment to the quality curation of bespoke and luxury experiences.

Although challenging, the events of 2020 have allowed for exciting innovation and a major design refresh as we relaunch the Pelorus vision, whilst keeping our founders, Geordie Mackay Lewis and Jimmy Carroll’s original mission to offer life-changing adventures at the forefront. The last six months have seen Pelorus working away behind the scenes on this exciting new site, whilst dreaming and planning future adventures for a new wave of travel. 2021, we are ready.

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New Features

Designed to feed your curiosity of the hidden corners of the world, the Pelorus site has undergone a major design refresh. Comprised of sleek design and easy navigation, the face of Pelorus is now even more premium, to match the experiences we curate. Enriched with white space, new fonts and more imagery to bring our experiences to life, this modernised face allows us share enhanced inspiration for our prospective clients seeking other-worldly adventures. 

With a main focus on the content hub of Stories, we have been curating a wealth of inspirational and informative content, including detailed Yacht and Accommodation listings. We are excited to share with you an array of new and exciting concepts and Destination pages. These are starting points to inspire and entice, taking you to more Pelorus information and relative stories, in the hope of sharing our polished expertise in the field of experiential travel and adventure as much as possible. We have revitalised our Team page, important to us as it displays the sheer amount of expertise and experience each member has when it comes to designing your dream escape.

A new addition to the Pelorus site, the Partners page gives awareness of our brand partners and an insight into the sort of work we are doing with them. A collection of luxury brands, innovative businesses, industry bodies, associations, charity partners, and agency clients; these are special collaborations with like-minded brands all over the globe, which allows us to curate the most unique itineraries for our clients.


Sustainability and social responsibility is at the core of Pelorus and our new site aims to address our commitment to this. Although every post and page on our new site include details on sustainability, our Corporate Social Responsibility page is a dedicated area to promote Pelorus’ sustainable approach. As pioneers of adventure we aim to enrich your time on this beautiful planet by curating a plethora of opportunities to unearth new habitats and ecosystems in the largely undiscovered corners of Earth, whilst preserving and protecting it. 

Visit our CSR page.


With a mission to fulfil our clients’ desire to embark on adventure whilst experiencing the upmost luxury, planning is a bespoke and indulgent experience where each moment is carefully planned, and each detail is considered.

As we look to the future, the travel industry is ever evolving and set to face new obstacles. In dealing with the obstacles 2020 has thrown at us, we must adapt. Alongside a design refresh, we have placed further emphasis on our commitment to safety and recognise the importance of this more than ever. We place safety at the forefront of any Pelorus plan, and with the help from our newly acquired resident Infection Prevention Officer, we hope that when building an adventure, our commitment to securing travel safety measures will leave our clients rest assured. Our re-designed website represents our responsible and considerate attitude to planning ahead with COVID-19 in mind.

Read our COVID promise.


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