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Horse riding along the beach in Cabo Vela, Costa Rica


Jungle Adventure in Costa Rica with Jimmy & Geordie

Jimmy Carroll and Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Pelorus founders with an appetite for exploration, recently took a trip into the Costa Rican jungle from the Pacific coast, building on existing knowledge and dreaming up new experiences for future adventures.

“Our trip to Costa Rica was time well spent, sourcing out the ideal spots for prospective clients and broadening our expertise.”

They’ve rowed across the Atlantic, led yacht expeditions to the world’s most dangerous places and explored the lesser known regions of the world, however are still awe-struck by Costa Rica’s biodiversity and opportunity for adventure. Pelorus is continuing to discover new and remote destinations, leaving no stone unturned and building on our existing knowledge, contacts and expertise.

Following Jimmy completing his Atlantic Challenge mid-January in Antigua, the pair were recently able to travel to Central America to further explore Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Santa Teresa, a surfer-chic community in the north-westerly region of the Nicoya Peninsula, marks the spot for what became a high-end staycation for our founders.

“The purpose of our recent trip was to conduct recces across Costa Rica, sampling accommodation options and strengthening relationships with our contacts, discussing new experiences for client trips planned later this year and next. It was great to see so many British and US travellers in the region, learning how to surf and taking on jungle excursions.”

Bordering the pacific coastline, the Nicoya Peninsula is a prime example of the rich biodiversity Costa Rica has to offer. Imagine waking up to a view over the jungle-fringed Pacific coastline, from the luxurious confines of your beach-side property, yet engulfed by tropical jungle abuzz with species of toucans, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, and jaguars to name a few. Costa Rica is certainly a unique destination, worth exploring and we have the expertise and first-hand experience to unveil the best of it, both above and below the waterline.

Working in these beautiful locations allows us to shape a deep understanding of the surroundings and local communities who have a profound impact on the experiences we curate. Costa Rica is the ideal destination in which to enrich your travels, with opportunity to contribute to wildlife conservation, of which Jimmy and Geordie assisted on nature walks spotting endemic species, setting up cameras and taking crucial recordings. 

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Geordie abseiling a waterfall, Costa Rica Geordie and Guide, Hugo, Wildlife Spotting, Costa Rica

Unique Experiences and Properties

Following three weeks on the Nicoya Peninsula, Jimmy and Geordie drove around the north of Costa Rica checking out both brand-new properties and existing ones. Alongside expert guides, activities directly from these properties ranged from assisting in beach clean-ups, to zip-wiring through the jungle and abseiling down waterfalls.

From private jungle lodges and surfer-chic hideouts, to private peninsula retreats available for buyouts, Costa Rica has a wide variety of properties. Tried, tested and highly recommended by our experts.

A Rafting Adventure to Pacuare Lodge

Often the most idyllic destinations are the most tricky to access. If it is seclusion you desire, then a rafting expedition through the eastern jungles of Costa Rica, down the scenic Pacuare River to a luxury eco-lodge, is one for those who like to make an entrance. A combination of indigenous Cabécar-inspired architecture, verdant rainforest and authentic Costa Rican hospitality made Jimmy and Geordie’s stay at Pacuare Lodge a memorable one. 

“We had the pleasure of getting involved in nature walks and understanding the conservation work they do. This involved laying out camera traps to spot unique wildlife species, whilst also assisting with bird and butterfly counting and the replanting of trees. They only employ locals, so all who work there are from the surrounding hills, tribes and communities and have all been working there for decades. They have built what is truly one of the best lodges in Costa Rica from the ground up.”

Those that work there are passionate and invested in keeping it sustainable. However, sadly Pacuare Lodge and the surrounding communities are the only resistance against the government building a damn downstream, threatening this hugely biodiverse area. It it vital more of us recognise the incredible natural beauty of this area and the importance of its biodiversity.

To The Hushed Haven of Kasiiya Papagayo

Returning from the depths of the eastern jungles, Jimmy and Geordie ventured westwards once again, to the hushed haven of Kasiiya Papagayo eco-lodge in the Guanacaste region, to gain an insight into what they are about.

A highlight is The Healer, their tented spa hidden away in the forest where you are introduced to the different chatkra rituals, great following a day of intrepid adventure inland.”

The distanced set-up of luxurious tented suites ensures a complete sanctuary for any guest. For those looking for some romantic escapism, the beautifully secluded Laughing Whale tent makes for the idyllic honeymoon escape, totally tucked away. Awe-inspired by ‘extraordinary views over the Pacific ocean’, Kasiiya Papagayo and everything it stands for, quickly became a highlight of the trip.

Please note, Kasiiya Papagayo is now closed.

Hacienda Cabo Velas: A Paradisal Escape

Step inside Hacienda Cabo Velas, an exquisite property with the utmost privacy in Guanacaste. A 1,700 acre private working-ranch, available for full buyout makes this the ultimate escape if it is seclusion you are looking for. It is the perfect place to rewind, following an adrenaline-fuelled few weeks, spending time between beach, jungle and an impressive string of polo ponies, with a polo pitch to match. 

The pair spent their final few days exploring the surrounding area on horseback with the occasional sunset ride along one of the four private beaches. Due to its idyllic position set back from the Pacific coast, Geordie and Jimmy experienced the best of both jungle and beach by horse safari and nature walks.

“Their amazing naturalist, Hugo, knows everything there is to know about Costa Rican wildlife – and there’s heaps! We joined him on a guided tour of the ranch, whilst he enlightened us on the sheer volume of wildlife.”

If you are looking for an exclusive stay and to extend your wildlife knowledge, Cabo Velas could be that far-flung paradise you long for.

Abuzz with hundreds of wildlife species unique to Central America, both the on-land and underwater realms are treasure troves waiting to be explored.

With restrictions at a minimum, there is a refreshing sense of normality, great for US travellers now and the UK come mid-May. With our COVID promise in place, you can book with confidence today.


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