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HERO Orangutan Jungle Borneo


Jungle and Marine Life in Borneo

A destination of much excitement, Malaysia boasts humming cities, sublime islands, thriving national parks and fantastic cultural diversity through its cuisine, festivals and traditions. Borneo is a wildlife wonder with rich equatorial rainforests, indigenous groups and home to the endearing orangutan.

When to go
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£12,600 pp*
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7 nights

Commence your jungle and tropical island adventure by flying from Kuala Lumpur to Borneo, the third largest island in the world. A paradise for nature enthusiasts, you will commence your experience in Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in North-Eastern Sabah. Comprised of copious ecosystems of freshwater lakes, forests and limestone hills, the biodiversity here outshines every other site in Malaysia. Take a helicopter deep into the jungle to the HUTAN Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Program and revel in the brilliant aerial views. Meet the program’s founder, Marc Ancrenaz, a world-renowned figure for orangutan research to learn about the critically endangered primates and their conservation. Spend unforgettable time with the orangutans in this humbling wildlife experience as you discover how the program supports the co-existence of people and wildlife in protected areas. Delight in an exceptional cruise along Kinabatangan River; Sabah’s longest stretch of water flowing 560km. Distinguished as one of Southeast Asia’s top wildlife watching destinations, weave peacefully down the river through varying habitats of mangroves, oxbow lakes and dense forest. Encounter some of Borneo’s most spectacular wildlife as you search for orangutan, proboscis monkeys, slow loris, Irrawaddy dolphins and majestic pygmy elephants amongst their luscious environment.

Continue your journey to Danum Valley Conservation Area, an incredible 130-million-year-old ecosystem and ancient rainforest. Boasting some of Borneo’s finest flora and fauna, many species of which are endemic to the island. As Danum’s wildlife is habituated to humans, prepare for reliable and excellent sightings of the country’s iconic animals such as gibbons and hornbills. Accompanied by your expert guide, embark on a jungle trek to gain a greater insight into Borneo’s intriguing rainforest and discover why this valley is home to the tallest tropical trees in the world. Marvel at the boundless plant species and catch a glimpse of wild orangutan in the wonderfully undisturbed forest. Together with a professional tree climbing team, commence your canopy walk at the base of one of Borneo’s tallest trees. Once raised 280 feet into the rainforest by a secure rope system, spend the day wandering the canopy, marvel at ancient trees and scan the greenery for wildlife. Enjoy a picturesque riverside picnic and a refreshing swim in the river to cool off. After a delicious candlelit dinner at your accommodation, venture into the rainforest after dark with nothing but a night torch and your knowledgeable guide. This unrivalled experience will open your eyes to Borneo’s nocturnal wonders – listen to the plethora of frog calls, keep an eye out for small creatures and larger mammals such as the sun bear.

Orangutan and Baby in Borneo Back of Orangutan in Borneo
Scuba Diving turtle in Borneo Waterfall in the Jungles of Borneo

Swap the verdant jungle for a taster of Borneo’s heavenly coast. A helicopter will fly you over the beautiful island archipelago of Tun Sakaran Marine Park to the tiny, private island of Mataking. Expect ultimate relaxation on this iconic little island where sandy beaches are plentiful and marine life abundant. Take a speedboat to Bohey Dulang Island, meet the Bajau Laut Tribe who spend 99% of their lives at sea and learn about their enthralling traditional lifestyle. This cultural and truly immersive experience will open your eyes to one of the last ethnic groups of sea gypsies living in southeast Asia. From your luxury accommodation, delight in endless ocean-based activities that will enhance your tropical island experience. Blessed with an extensive continental shelf, exotic coral reefs and ample sea creatures, diving or snorkelling in these waters is a must. Journey to the island of Sipisan which is rated in the world’s top three diving/snorkelling destinations. Renowned for its diverse ecosystem, sudden drop-offs, unique whale sharks and different turtle species, this underwater world exudes magnificence and beauty. If you’re feeling brave, explore Turtle Tomb – a mesmerising labyrinth of tunnels and limestone caves under the volcanic island.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults travelling for 7 nights excluding international flights.


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