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The Arctic iceberg peppered waters off Iceland


Luxury Arctic Adventures: Yacht & Land

Whether you know it as the Land of the Midnight Sun or the Kingdom of the White Sea Bear, Pelorus will open your eyes to the incredible polar region that is the Arctic. Be it a luxury yacht charter or an on-land adventure, or a combination of both, a Pelorus experience will never fall short of extraordinary. 

At Pelorus, we specialise in designing extreme escapades to Earth’s extraordinary destinations and it doesn’t get much more extreme than the polar regions. The Arctic Circle is a wonderful area covering 4% of the Earth’s surface, but is often overlooked as a destination for adventures. Today’s climate however, is making a polar experience increasingly sought after.

Be it a honeymoon, family adventure or scientific expedition, our advisors are on hand to deliver incredible memories whatever the reason for travelling. To experience the best of one of Earth’s final frontiers, we secure the best ice pilots, expedition leaders, expert guides and prized photographers, while our committed yacht expedition team also make the task of permitting a seamless process with IAATO and government agencies.

Ready to start designing your Arctic odyssey? Scroll for a little inspiration.

When to visit

Polar explorations are a peak summer affair. Throughout the summer months the sun doesn’t truly set, as May welcomes the arrival of the Midnight Sun and hosts it till late August. By the end of spring, life begins to return to the Arctic region as temperatures rise, encouraging astonishing birdlife and wildlife activity. Enough pack ice has receded by June, allowing great access by yacht for the remaining summer months. 

Although we suggest exploring the Arctic during this time, choosing to travel in the Autumn raises your chances of catching a glimpse of the migrating polar bear. Come mid-September, temperatures begin to plummet. However, although the sun doesn’t rise for several months in winter, you are under the emerald glow of the Northern Lights.


The Arctic Circle encompasses the Scandinavian Peninsula, Russia, Northern America, Canada, Greenland and many more islands peppered across the Arctic Ocean. There is something for everyone and of course, all involve a dancing display of the Northern Lights.

Svalbard yacht charter, Arctic polar bears playing together on the ice in Svalbard

The Svalbard Islands, Norway

Known as the Land of the Polar Bears (and walrus colonies), Svalbard is a collection of Norwegian islands strewn across the Arctic. From the comfort of your yacht, step onto the ice and traverse this wild landscape via dog sled or snowmobile, explore abandoned settlements dressed in history, and enjoy fine dining on the pack-ice.

Explore Svalbard
Quaint fishermen huts in Lofoten, Norway Arctic

Northern Norway

Enjoy the thrill of intimate encounters with wolves, which will no doubt become engrained memories for both you and the little adventurers. Tucked away in the Arctic wilderness, immerse yourself in isolated lodges oozing stylish hygge, head south to the cosmopolitan city of Oslo, or float around the picturesque fjordlands. You are always at one with nature in Norway.

Explore Norway
Reindeer sleigh ride in Finland, Arctic

Finnish Lapland, Finland

This Nordic adventure is certainly one for the families and a unique haven for the natural adventurer. Treasure the excited shrieks of children traversing the ice in reindeer sleds, before relaxing in a chic fur filled lodge beneath an emerald sky, the epitome of luxury.

Explore Finland
Sweden Arctic Lodge Winter Wonderland

Swedish Lapland, Sweden

North of the Scandinavian city of Stockholm, you will find yourself in the ultimate winter wonderland, skating through a snowflake-covered forest in sleds pulled by huskies. Rejuvenate in a unique ice hotel, sampling the creative Swedish food culture, and spotting the peculiar wildlife which populates this region.

Explore Sweden
Arctic Alaska Ultima Thule Lodge Winter plane and picnic

Arctic Alaska, USA

The USA’s furthest Northwest extremity and a renowned playground for both wildlife enthusiasts and adrenaline-seekers, Alaska is a magical polar region. You will have the chance to spot the caribou migration and take to new heights by helicopter to decorate virgin slopes with fresh tracks. Other than caribou, this tundra’s main inhabitants are the Nunamiut, Athabascan Indians and Inupiaq Eskimo people.

Explore Alaska
Reykjavik Iceland Arctic


Steeped in a mythical past of witchcraft and Viking history, there is a lot more to this volcanic island than meets the eye. An Icelandic trip will see you unveil a subterranean world of bizarre lava formations, reside in remote lodgings, and soar in helicopters to ski locations with views over the iceberg peppered ocean.

Explore Iceland
Inuit Uummannaq Village Greenland, Arctic


This stunning land of Arctic pack-ice is the largest island on Earth carved by unyielding elements, unveiling a world of opportunity for extreme experiences like sailing expeditions. Setting these Arctic regions apart from the rest of the world, is the opportunity for fascinating encounters with the indigenous Inuit people who inhabit the Arctic region.

Explore Greenland

Enrich Your Experience

It may help to have goals in mind when planning a trip. Purposeful travel is often the most rewarding way to explore new realms, especially to the polar regions.

Aeco logo

Supporting our environment is something Pelorus and the Pelorus Foundation hold at the forefront of every idea, and as a member of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators we are supporting them in securing a bright future for the Arctic. Read our full interview with the Anders La Cour Vahl of AECO here.

Luxury Accommodation Options

The beauty of staying in remote accommodations is the connection to the wilderness that surrounds you. Our favourite lodgings are architecturally fascinating too, making this an experience in itself.

Seize unique yacht expedition opportunities and stay onboard a luxury yacht to reach the usually inaccessible areas of these frozen regions. With the right vessel, the correct capabilities and our advisors knowledge, any on-land adventure in these Arctic regions is also possible.

Snow covered pine forest, Finland, arctic

Pelorus in the Polar Regions

An adventure of this nature takes precision planning, and with our British military background and global network of industry contacts, we don’t fall short of delivering epic adventures.

polar bear swimming in icy arctic waters


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