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Tuscany Landscape at Sunset. Luxury Experiences In Europe


Luxury Experiences In Europe

Europe is a continent of rich culture, a hub of art and architectural fascinations, and a holiday destination famous for rustic Mediterranean romance. Home to an abundance of adventure-rich experiences, Pelorus will help you uncover the most unique and luxurious holidays around. Welcome to Europe’s rare and unexpected.

Europe is a continent of huge variety, where rolling vineyards and olive groves meet sandy swathes and lapping waters. It is where you can take a delightful dip into the lavish lifestyle of Baltic cities, exploring centuries-old grandiose palaces and cathedrals before venturing north to Europe’s Arctic reaches for intrepid exploration. Or, perhaps you are tempted by the island charm, where rustic fishing villages are home to friendly locals and whitewashed streets, festooned with bougainvillea.

From scenic helicopter excursions over undulating wine regions, to paragliding from the snow-capped peaks back to your awaiting yacht. From exhilarating days on the water catching world-class surf breaks, to getting behind the wheel for a breathtaking grand tour through challenging alpine passes or the dazzling Mediterranean coastline. From an evening at the opera followed by premium Russian vodka and caviar tastings, to freshly caught seafood prepared by your private chef extraordinaire whilst soaking up a Mediterranean sunset. There is something for everyone.


Sleep inside the walls of glamorous chateaux, fringed by cypress trees. Or, enjoy a morning cuppa outside your modern-meets-rustic eco lodge beneath the pine canopy.

Come winter, fall asleep under the Aurora glow and to the howl of wolves in the northern wilderness. Or, for absolute peace and isolation – sleep whist suspended in a treehouse over a serene snow-blanketed wilderness.


Both the Mediterranean and the northern reaches of Europe play host to a world of adventure, wonderous landscapes and unique wildlife – both above and below the waterline.

Discover glorious dive sites and charter a submarine to explore sunken wrecks on a journey back in time along some of the most history-ridden ocean beds. Anchor in secluded bays and tender to waterside tavernas, before falling asleep to the peaceful sound of lapping water. Venture north for the ultimate exploration through the pack ice onboard one of our explorer yachts, reaching the usually inaccessible Arctic reaches of the globe.

With an extensive collection of team expertise and experience yachting in Europe, Pelorus is well-established to whisk you away on an unconventional yacht expedition in these waters.

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