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Cloudbreak Yacht in Greenland

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Our Favourite Luxury Explorer Yachts

Extending the frontier of exploration in style

As experiential travel increases in popularity, so does the demand to explore remote corners of the globe. In response to this market, the wonderful world of super yachting is making way for the emergence of the explorer yacht.

These high spec vessels allow their guests to travel for longer periods away from marinas and traverse challenging waters with real autonomy; the perfect combination of sophistication coupled with unparalleled sea-keeping capabilities. Despite their sturdy exteriors, explorer yachts refuse to sacrifice any luxuries, boasting spacious accommodation, plush interiors and a wealth of the latest toys and tenders with which to create unique and memorable experiences.

Here is a list of some of our favourite explorer yachts and some of the awe-inspiring locations they will be visiting.

CLOUDBREAK: Extreme Exploration

Cloudbreak yacht exterior
Cloudbreak Yacht stern

This vessel is the ideal luxury yacht for the modern explorer. At 73m CLOUDBREAK is highly equipped to explore the most remote corners of the planet in comfort and luxury.

On the main deck sit six, splendid staterooms featuring a curved design intended to maximise their generous size and natural light. If sleeping under the stars is appealing, CLOUDBREAK also boasts a luxurious crow’s nest day bed, affording guests the option to sleep outside in the breeze when travelling. Five guest cabins reside on the lower deck with access to CLOUDBREAK’s lavish beach club via a private corridor, while a glass-enclosed lift allows guests to transfer between the decks with ease and comfort.

Not only is CLOUDBREAK designed for exploration but also she is amply equipped to offer relaxation experiences with her on-board spa. A circular cinema room sits adjacent to the helipad for quiet evenings that offer an immersive cinematic experience. During the day, the helipad can be utilised for all access heli-skiing and transfers to land-based activities. By night, it transforms into a glittering party space.

When it comes to providing adrenaline-fuelled thrills, CLOUDBREAK knows no boundaries. With a wide variety of toys, a range of inflatables, and two onboard tenders, CLOUDBREAK facilitates for ultimate high-octane exploration.

Where can CLOUDBREAK take you? Whether it’s a voyage to remote islands in the South Pacific, heli-skiing in New Zealand, or surfing in Fiji, this explorer vessel offers it all and more.

BIG FISH: A Big Deal

Big Fish running, French Polynesia, with tender
Big Fish master stateroom view

BIG FISH is certainly a big deal. Featuring an ultra-modern stabilisation system, this luxury charter yacht is able to glide through the water seamlessly, ensuring the ultimate comfort of her guests. With a cruising speed of ten knots, this elegant vessel is the ultimate combination of performance and luxury.

With 270° views through full-height windows and a private outdoor sunbathing area, the master cabin boasts a sense of luxury and elegance that is not confined merely within the room. Here, simplicity and sophistication coalesce, allowing the outside in without substituting any privacy.

Modern in a Big way

Combining innovation and adventure, BIG FISH is the first in a new generation of explorer yacht to boast a vast array of standout qualities. Some of our favourite features include a unique 22ft. video wall inside the vessel standing at three storeys high – a perfect visual platform for large corporate parties or watching back the footage of the day’s activities. Wind down on one of the vessel’s fold-down terraces, that when lowered, give the unique sensation of being magically suspended over water when underway. For expansive ocean adventure, BIG FISH boasts a custom 7.9m tender with a 200 nautical mile range that includes an extensive dive set-up primed for underwater exploration.

SuRi: A Floating Waterpark

SuRi yacht exterior featuring slide
SuRi, Fiji featuring all the toys

Our final pick is SURI, an explorer yacht that offers a variety of tenders and an incredible assortment of water toys for endless fun.

Styled to nautical perfection with generous accommodation, SURI refuses to substitute style for practicality, with a generous, contemporary interior layout complete with luxurious open social spaces. The aft deck boasts pristine glass walls that can be removed for an alfresco dining experience, while the adjoining main salon features a wet bar and luxurious lounge with unrivalled views.

Floating Water Park

This vessel is its very own floating water park with an armada of recreational assets; these include an 11m inflatable water slide, underwater scooters, water skis, and kayaks.

Taking to the skies is easy on SURI. A helicopter has ample space to land on the helipad featured on the aft deck of the vessel, allowing guests to be transported with ease from ship to shore or vice versa. Alternatively, guests are also able to take off and land on water with the help of the vessel’s seaplane, which is primed to offer an awe-inspiring experience.

A unique experiential opportunity awaits SURI’s guests in her contemporary observation lounge, which is fitted with a glass-panelled bottom allowing guests to view the marine world below. SURI offers unique and immersive ways to interact with the uncharted destinations she visits, rendering her the perfect vessel for experiential travel.

Coming soon… ESQUEL: The Space Rocket

esquel explorer yacht exterior
esquel yacht exterior pelorus

This otherworldly explorer vessel stands at the forefront of technical development in the world of yachting. A striking 105m expedition yacht, ESQUEL is perfect for adventurous owners yearning to explore remote regions.

Unlike other expedition vessels, ESQUEL was designed to appear as one connected shape, an innovative turn in the design of explorer yachts. Sophisticated and modern in appearance with its bold metallic exterior, ESQUEL’s design reflects both its strength and efficiency. Interestingly, the interior design starkly contrasts its bold façade, boasting more of a homely air about it with its warm furnishings.

Being Connected

The concept of connectivity was made a priority in the design phase of this vessel. In the master suite, a grand panoramic portal opens out over the sea, intended to allow the outside in for an immersive experience of the landscapes that pass.

This vessel is extending the frontier of design development and the global initiative towards sustainability. ESQUEL’s diesel electric propulsion framework provides dependable green power in even the most isolated corners of the globe, whilst the advanced dynamic positioning system reduces its footprint by removing the need for an anchor in marine sensitive areas.

Like its fellow explorer vessels, ESQUEL boasts a plethora of tenders and toys, and on the aft deck displays a glass superstructure with a closed pool and wellness area. This incredible vessel is a pioneer in the explorer yacht industry and will journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, or anywhere in-between.