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Luxury Travel and Yachting Trends of the Future

Gen Alpha Design

Our Luxury Travel and Yachting Trend Report has been designed to be a resource and a foundation for trend-based strategy for the next five years of luxury travel. Up until recently, the luxury travel industry has been largely focused on catering to Millennials (Gen Y), but now that many of them have become parents to Gen Alpha, their needs are changing. Not only are Millennials the most travelled generation on Earth but a large proportion of them are exploring the world with their offspring, which means Gen Alpha Design will increasingly take precedence when it comes to vacation planning. (As every parent knows, if the kids are happy, everyone’s happy…)

By 2027, Generation Alpha will be aged between two and 16, which means luxury travel companies have a huge opportunity to recalibrate their offerings to better cater to this youthful demographic and their Gen Y parents. It’s also worth noting that a growing number of parents are now part of the LGBTQ+ community and that, in the UK 23% of families are headed up by a lone parent (about 90% of whom are women), so hospitality companies need to challenge their assumptions of what a modern family looks like and what their needs are.

Whether it’s riding purebred Nordic horses across Icelandic lava fields or going fossil hunting in Madagascar, Pelorus is noticing an increasing demand for more adventurous and intrepid family holidays. With the pandemic behind us, the company is now able to create long-term travel plans for clients, scheduling trips abroad for forthcoming school holidays that will complement the education they receive on home soil. After all, what better way to learn about climate change and conservation, for example, than seeing icebergs first-hand or endangered animals in the wild?

Although downtime with parents on a relaxing beach holiday will always be valuable, Pelorus says that demand for educational family trips has increased 185% between 2021 and 2022, and it anticipates a continuation of this trend over the next five years as Gen Alphas transition through the school system. With many members of the Pelorus team being parents of young children themselves, the company has a unique advantage in being able to plan epic experiences for clients based on their own personal knowledge and expertise.

For Pelorus, the key to successful Gen Alpha Design is pegging trips to concepts that are age-appropriate and relevant to children. For example, teenagers are able to explore the Peruvian jungle with wildlife experts, inspired by David Attenborough’s nature documentaries. Younger children, on the other hand, will get a thrill from searching for pirate treasure on yacht adventures around Sardinia, Antigua, Barbuda and Indonesia. Staged and produced in partnership with Luxury Treasure Hunts, each quest is inspired by real historical figures such as Captain John Rackham and dramatised by a team of actors, screenwriters, prop makers and location managers – some who have worked at Disney, Marvel and National Geographic.

boy flying over Arizona

“Inspiring young travellers through unique and life-changing experiences has always been core to Pelorus’ experience planning. We have planned and delivered some incredible trips for children of all ages, immersing them in local cultures and helping them to see different perspectives. Experiences for these younger generations can and should be fun, challenging designers to be creative with new and unique ways to bring trip ideas to life.”

Hannah Cornforth
Head of Marketing for Pelorus

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