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Grand Tours

Our Luxury Travel and Yachting Trend Report has been designed to be a resource and a foundation for trend-based strategy for the next five years of luxury travel. Back in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, it was customary for upper-middle-class men to embark on Grand Tours of Europe that would function as a culturally enriching “rite of passage”. In the post- Covid era, extended, multi-destination itineraries will boom, giving top-end travel providers such as Pelorus the opportunity to tailor highly personalised, complex agendas that would be almost impossible to design oneself. While air travel will always be a necessity, there will also be demand for luxurious forms of ground transport – be it glamorous, old-world train journeys aboard the Nostalgie-Istanbul-Orient-Express, which is being reborn in 2025, or radical road trips in the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck, which could be ready for mass production as soon as 2023.

American road trips are a particular area of focus for Pelorus, and the US is the ideal location for a Grand Tour as it allows travellers to see more and explore areas previously overlooked. Travellers can journey between various national parks without being constrained by the availability and/or low standard of properties. Alongside the RV, they can also utilise luxury camp set ups to stay off-grid and explore the wide open spaces. Pelorus has extensive experience of operating these trips courtesy of its exceptional support teams. Hosting seamless journeys, Pelorus takes care of the logistics and provisions behind the scenes, allowing clients to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Pelorus has already planned many Grand Tours but sees this as a trend that is only going to grow in significance over the next five years. One example was a trip that encompassed 21 countries and took place over four months. Interestingly, it was for a family with children but instead of being limited by travel during school holidays, they took along a private tutor. Instead of being restricted to classroom-based learning, they were given the ultimate education in the form of seeing the world. Among the many experiences they had was participating in an eagle hunter festival in Mongolia, and a tribal fire ceremony with 450 local villagers in Papua New Guinea.

Mongolian eagle hunter on horseback

“We are seeing more and more requests for Grand Tours in luxury RVs – it seems increasingly like families are looking at this option to get them all closer together. Offering enhanced bonding opportunities and the ability to move around while still being out in nature, they also provide the chance to be completely disconnected from the digital world.”

Aurelia van Lynden
Director of Travel for Pelorus

Pelorus has also worked on long-term Grand Tours, taking clients and their children on a series of educational journeys over multiple years. For example, they offer an educational experience in the first year that will then be built upon in subsequent years, which deepens the child’s understanding. These trips also serve to give clients’ children a feel for the “real” world, giving them some perspective and letting them realise how fortunate they are. With a combination of authentic but rustic accommodations, the clients are able to connect with local communities while still enjoying the comfortable luxury accommodation that they have come to expect from Pelorus.

Round-the-world journeys can also be undertaken by sea, of course, with Pelorus providing charters of explorer superyachts such as the new long-range Arksen 85, for example, which can endure ice floes and high waves without compromising aesthetics and comfort. Gayle Patterson, Director of Yachting says: “Our yachting team are increasingly seeing yacht owners looking to create bigger and more adventurous charter experiences that span the world, such as heli-skiing in Antarctica, diving with manta rays and whale sharks in Indonesia, or using submersibles to search for lost World War Two vessels around the Solomons.”


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