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Ocean Exploration

Our Luxury Travel and Yachting Trend Report has been designed to be a resource and a foundation for trend-based strategy for the next five years of luxury travel. Even though oceans cover about 70 per cent of the Earth, only 10 per cent of these vast bodies of water have ever been explored by humans. For the wealthy, experiencing the freedom and beauty of life above the waves on superior sailing vessels and superyachts provides the ultimate antidote to the stresses of modern life. Not only that but delving beneath the surface opens up a window to another world, especially with the help of new technology in the form of state-of-the-art private submersibles that can allow aquatic explorers to explore the wreck of the Titanic ship, for example. Off the coast of Kea in the Greek Cyclades Islands, Pelorus can organise for a submarine to view the Titanic’s “twin sister”, The Britannic, up close.

It’s not just shipwrecks that are waiting to be uncovered. Echoing the great sailing voyages of yore, intrepid travellers will increasingly be investing in explorer yachts to take them to off-the-beaten-track locations (such as Alaska, Raja Ampat and Vanuatu), away from the usual showy hotspots in the Med and Caribbean.

According to Boat International, the global expedition yacht market grew 33 per cent in 2021, with 85 expedition vessels recorded as being built or on order. Overall, there is increasing demand for yachts with more autonomy, range and capability, as well as growing acceptance of more semi-custom, standardised explorer yachts and support vessels. These insights are backed up by Research and Markets, which states: “Explorer yachts are a popular demand for yacht enthusiasts. Whether a client is keen to purchase or charter, explorer yachts are among the most demanded vessels, due to their peculiarity, great cruising performance, and immense ability to travel in remote locations. Changing demographics among HNW and UHNW individuals have ushered in a new and exciting demand for explorer yachts and adventure travel excursions. This trend is expected to further propel the growth of the yacht industry in the coming years.”

Gayle Patterson, Director of Yachting for Pelorus, says: “Travelling with family and loved ones has never been more important and, with new destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Papua New Guinea becoming accessible to yachts wishing to adventure off the beaten track, a new era of explorers is emerging. More of our clients wish to travel responsibly, setting an example to their children and showing them that change can be achieved and that future generations need to travel more sustainably. They are seeking truly transformative experiences, something that will feed their mind and soul, rather than hedonistic activities or superficially visiting a bucket list of locations. Ocean exploration is an opportunity to truly experience every possible facet of a destination through innovative activities, unique education and conservation, in a safe and managed environment.”

Submarine in Antarctic waters

“Shipyards are offering yacht owners affordable, modern explorer yachts, high in the latest technology and low on fuel consumption with enough range for world circumnavigation, constructed with sustainability at the forefront of the design phase. New technology in yachting such as solar and hybrid options, electric tenders, all-electric toys, and more dynamic entertainment facilities such as zen rooms with immersive experiences may all become the norm over the next few years as the yachting industry embraces this evolution.”

Gayle Patterson
Director of Yachting for Pelorus


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