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Tatacoa desert, Colombia

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Coastline, Coffee & Culture in Colombia

The Colombian landscape and everything in-between, encompasses all of Latin America’s charm. With something for everyone, it is a captivating destination for the avid adventurer and we want to immerse you in the very best of it.

When to go:
December – April

From the desert dunes of the La Guajira peninsula and the azure Caribbean waters, Andean summits and vast glacial valleys, to the luscious hills of Sierra Nevada and the exotic expanse of Amazon rainforest… Understated yet exuberant, Colombia is a country of vivacious colour and character.

La Guajira

Begin your Colombian love affair in the enchanting region of La Guajira and climb onboard your luxury yacht. Once settled in, you will be greeted by local guides and embark on a 4×4 off-road adventure along stunning trails and rugged desert dunes, before paddle boarding amongst the mangroves whilst surrounded by pink flamingos and pelicans, a great way to gain first impressions of this regions natural beauty.

Take to the skies in a helicopter to the indigenous Tungueka community, where the Kogui families live. Through minimal contact with the outer-world, it is truly awe-inspiring to engage with the culture and gain a deeper understanding of how they have managed to preserve their cultural traditions. You will see first-hand their symbiotic connection with nature. The Kogui community base their lifestyles on their belief in “Aluna” or “The Great Mother”, their creator figure, who they believe is the force behind nature. Possessing a rich understanding of their surroundings, the Kogui understand the Earth to be a living being and see humanity as its “children.” There are few ways to take in this culturally-extraordinary land, but to revel in the stunning simplicity of their way of live as you immerse yourself in their cultural ways and share a meal with them, delighting in their local delicacies.

You will say goodbye to this indisputably unspoilt region with a greater understanding of this way of life, so different to our own, before returning to your vessel to enjoy the azure waters and snorkel amongst a vibrancy of aquatic life in the remote bays of the national park.

Sierra Nevada

This morning you will wake up in Santa Marta. From your yacht, you can catch a glimpse of the mesmerising Sierra Nevada, the world’s highest coastal mountain range. Only a short 42 km away, with snow-capped peaks this is quite a mesmerising sight from the tropical setting surrounding your yacht.  

Explore Ciudad Perdida from above by helicopter, also known as ‘The Lost City’, where you will fully experience the vast expanse of cryptic archaeological remains of an ancient city, once built by the Tayrona tribe in 800AD, 650 years before Machu Picchu… to put this into perspective. This magical land and indigenous communities which habituated it, remained hidden and protected by its peaceful remoteness. That is, until 1972, when looters followed the stone steps and pulled back the overgrowth to unveil treasures of gold, jewellery and ceramics. Colombian coffee is unrivalled and where best to learn about the harvesting and historic process than in Colombia. Land in style at the colonial Hacienda La Victoria for a late lunch before taking a tour of the coffee plantation, which is as fascinating as it is beautiful. For the coffee-enthusiasts amongst you, this is a picturesque plantation to sit and sip on a quality cup of coffee.

Tatacoa Desert, Colombia Kogi Tribal Encounters Colombia Experiences
Handful of Colombian coffee beans Colombia Heli Sierra Nevada Jungle


One of the most beguiling regions for adventurers in Latin America, Palomino is a prime example of the diversity Colombia has to offer. Located at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, this small town is home to an ethnically diverse population including members of the Kogui and Arhuaco tribes. Marvel at the beauty of the region. From groups of distinctive indigenous communities settled along the river banks, to rich eco systems amongst the verdant jungle stretching all the way to the pristine sandy beach, which separates mountain glaciers from the Caribbean ocean. Best accessible by helicopter, it makes this exotic expanse one of the rarely visited jewels of Colombia.

You will be greeted by a local indigenous guide to paddleboard and tube downstream until sheltered by forest canopy. A fabulous chance to take in the abundance of flora an fauna; including, exotic birds and howler monkeys. Following this adventure-packed morning, enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch prepared by Pelorus, along the river bend in a jungle paradise. Once you break through the jungle mass onto the sandy strip, you will be able to relax on the beach, snorkel or ride horseback along the dazzling white stretch. Unwind by settling down to watch the sun dip below the horizon, amidst a sky of orange and magenta hues.


Similarly to Colombia’s Latin American neighbours, rhythm and colour runs through this countries veins, and it is here you can immerse yourself within the passion of a culture as brilliant as the colours of colonial Cartagena. Streets are abuzz with an explosion of colour, as quaint and cobbled streets are dressed with pastel facades and luxuriant bougainvillea hangs from balconies. It is quite the cultural refresh from the remote jungle wilderness.

As the Salsa capital of the world, this is the perfect opportunity to learn this traditional art. Within this sprawling city, Salsa represents happiness and expression, which unites society. If you are feeling confident, perform at a private villa in the Old City alongside Cartagena’s top professional dancers and a live band. Or, if you would rather, enjoy a private performance whilst sampling local cuisine prepared by a renowned chef. Indulge yourself in the best rum, cacao and cigars that Colombia is famous for, before heading to Castillo de San Felipe fortress. Satisfy the inquisitive historian within you and explore dark tunnels and lookout points, once used by the military to defend the city, before sitting down to dinner within the fortress’ walls. Here, you will be treated to a performance by Barranquilla Carnival-themed drummers and dancers.

An immersion into these culture filled streets is a step into the world of Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Explore Cartagena through the lens of renowned novels like Love in the Times of Cholera and Of Love and Other Demons which perfectly capture the zeitgeist of the periods. Visit a local education project improving the lives of children in the fishing community of La Boquilla, before attending an exclusive concert and settling down for delightful dinner alongside musicians and guests of the Cartagena Classic Music Festival, held in January.

Islas del Rosario

Worlds away from the bustling city of Cartagena, you will be plunged into the idyllic seclusion of San Bernardo’s island archipelago. Spend your days snorkelling amongst the underwater flora and fauna and dipping down below the surface to explore sunken wrecks. Glide through the beautiful silence of Tintipan’s mangrove channels by kayak, whilst admiring the majestic tropical scenery which surrounds you. Pay a visit to the fascinating San Cruz del Islet to lay eyes upon the dazzling beach blanket of bioluminescent algae under the night sky, before spending the evening in a private villa which boasts awe-inspiring views over the Columbian landscape. Soak up your last ounces of energy following an adrenaline-fuelled week and learn to Kitesurf with world class instructors in the azure Caribbean waters. Suitable for the whole family, your Pelorus expert will soon have you up and getting air!

Montes de Maria

Colombia is a region home to an array of rare cultures far removed from our modern society. Take a helicopter to immerse yourself in the rarely visited, pristine mountain area of Montes de Maria where you can experience the remarkable Afro-Colombian micro-culture. Highlights included a visit to the mountain’s famous coffee and cacao plantations, followed by a visit to the local hammock weavers. Come evening, settle down to learn about Cumbia music and how to play the drums and gaita flutes with the Grammy Award-winners, ‘Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto’, before heading back to the yacht.

Helicopter to lunch to wander the quaint streets of  San Basilio de Palenque, a town declared Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Founded by escaped slaves in the 1600s, it continues to preserve a fascinating African heritage. Accompanied by a local historian, greet and listen to traditional singers, learn about the past escape routes and enjoy a performance of the Mapalé dance, before climbing onboard your luxury yacht for a splendid final evening on board processing the wonderful array of cultures and landscapes this beautiful country has to offer.