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HERO Romania Bran Castle at Sunset


Medieval Myths and Mountains in Transylvania

Medieval castles and gothic architecture protrude out of Romania’s seemingly endless expanse of towering mountains, rolling hills and luscious meadows. Journey through Transylvania, a captivating region of untouched wilderness, remote adventure and fascinating medieval towns that will have you tackling the winding roads through Carpathian Mountains, having intimate encounters with wild bears and dining in Dracula’s Castle.

When to go
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£10,000 pp*
Ideal length
5 nights

Trek deep into the heart of the Piatra Craiului National Park, hiking through some of the most impressive scenery in the Carpathian Mountains as you pass gorges, waterfalls and hidden caves. One such cave is the mysterious Bat Cave, a deep and ghostly cavern populated by vast bat colonies. Continue your trek into the forest to take up position in a mountain hide, ready for the wild bears who begin to emerge as daylight starts to fade. From your secret hideaway, you can silently observe these majestic and intriguing animals as they begin their search for food. This mesmerising experience provides a unique way to see these wild bears up close whilst in complete safety.

Filled with awe and wonder from this enchanting experience, you will be transported into a mythical world as you enter Bran Castle – the home of Dracula. After a private tour of Dracula’s home, you will culminate in an exclusive 5-course dinner, alongside wine pairings from the castle’s sommelier, in the Music Saloon of Queen Mary of Romania.

Explore the history of Transylvania, a vast region of well-preserved churches, guild towers, medieval castles and Saxon villages. Visit the Black Church in Brasoc’s Old Town, a gothic architectural masterpiece, as well as, host to Romanian artefacts and cultural treasures.

Continue your journey back in time, travelling on horseback through rural Transylvania. Riding through the endless wilderness of Romania you will travel through rolling hills, uninterrupted meadows, dense forests and fascinating medieval villages. Visit quaint villages where you will be welcomed with warm hospitality and inundated with local food, traditional music and ancient stories. Stay the night in a restored traditional guest house against the idyllic backdrop of secluded hilltops.

Trade your horses for motorcycles as you increase the speed of your journey through the majestic Carpathian Mountains. Ride on the famous Transfăgărășan Pass, one of the most spectacular roads in Romania that twists and turns its way across the Carpathian Mountains, surrounded by stunning vistas and provides another opportunity to spot wild bears. As you come up to the highest point of the pass, at an altitude of 2,145 metres, you will reach Lake Balea. You will find a charming local restaurant to stop for a lunch overlooking the shimmering waters of the lake. Back on the road, you will begin to descend towards a medieval city where this evening you will dine on culinary delights and local wine. 

Church Tower Romania Hills and Mountains Romania
Romania Fields and Rolling hills Romanian Countryside

Visit the famous Pestera Muierilor, translated as the Woman’s Cave, an intricate cave system and former refuge for women during the war. Steeped in a remarkable history, this deep cave system contains the remains of bear bones, as well as, a human skull dating back to 40,000 BC.

Cross borders over into the surprising delights of the Moldova wine country, boasting delectable reds, whites and roses. Each winery holds a unique and quirky charm. Visit Cricova, a remarkable winery built into underground tunnels stretching a length of 120km, a stark contrast to the open-air allure of Et Cetera set amongst stunning lavender fields.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults and 2 children travelling for 5 nights excluding international flights.


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