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Sand dunes for miles


Mind, Body and Soul

Wellness inspiration to transform the way you travel.

Dec 2021

As we head into 2022, start planning incredible experiences that will transform the way you travel, treating you away from the pressures of modern life and encouraging you to consider the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. These experiences offer a sense of escapism; culturally immersive, spiritually engaging, and physically rewarding, they will transport you to a world full of relaxation and devoid of stress.


Amankora infinity pool in mountains
Tiger's Nest monastery cliff side Bhutan

The last of the Himalayan kingdoms, a country of magnificent history, culture, and age-old traditions, Bhutan is the perfect place to reflect and find peace.

The untouched serenity of Bhutan’s deep pine forests offer possibilities for slow, tranquil walks to sacred sites and remote villages bound by scenic beauty. Connect with nature and absorb the forest’s healing ambience as you wander beneath its ancient canopy as it bestows its rewards through all of the senses.

On your journey, discover the beautiful Taktsang Monastery, also known as ‘Tiger’s Nest’, the most famous monastery in Bhutan and its unofficial symbol. Embark on a steady hike to witness how it clings to the side of a vertical cliff at 3000m altitude north of Paro, an awe-inspiring and humbling sight.

Enjoy a unique experience in a private monastery, participating in a grand ceremony that reconstructs traditional Bhutanese monk dances. Experience a rite of purification and the cleansing of sins from one’s body, speech, and mind for a long and prosperous life.


Camp beautifully lit up at night
Desert Camping Tent in Oman

Oman is a country of diverse landscapes steeped in natural beauty; with magnificent mountains and sun-scorched deserts, an adventure in Oman’s Empty Quarter is a true exercise in escapism.

Slip seamlessly into the Empty Quarter desert where your luxury-tented camp will be waiting – an oasis of comfort set up exclusively for you in complete isolation as if conjured from thin air. As the sun sets climb to the crest of mountainous, amber-hued dunes for sundowners. Your Bedouin hosts will show you how to reconnect with the earth as you learn the art of reading the desert to uncover its myriad secrets. Full of knowledge and a newfound appreciation for your awe-inspiring surroundings, you will return to your camp for a freshly prepared meal under a starlit sky unblemished by light pollution. 

This experience will allow you to unwind in the heart of this unbroken expanse of desert for a genuine sense of escapism and isolation.


Travel Bucket List Ecuador Mashpi Lodge Aerial
Mashpi Lodge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest

The pristine Amazon tropical rainforest in Ecuador provides a unique environment in which you can completely detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, clear your mind, and reconnect with nature.

Revel in the peace and tranquillity that you will find as you stay at the remote Mashpi lodge, where the peaceful sound of birds around you will provide the perfect soundtrack to your wellness experience. Here, a wellness specialist will assess your needs, physical fitness, and personal goals to design a bespoke programme entirely personalised to help you on your journey.

Immerse yourself in the culture of the indigenous communities that can be found in the heart of the Amazon. These communities represent the best example of ancient life and continue to practice ancient traditions in their day-to-day lives. Experience the pureness of the Amazon Rainforest and the richness of an ancient culture that continues to thrive here. Come to understand and enjoy the ancient practices of these communities in an experience that is totally removed from your life at home.

British Columbia

Rich aquatic life features a killer whale launching out of the water
Nimmo Bay British Columbia night time

Escape into the wilderness and rejuvenate your soul amongst the coastal rainforest of British Columbia. A truly private experience will bring your mind and body into balance with exquisite food, transforming spa treatments, and memorable experiences. The epic landscapes of mountains, rainforest, and ocean offer an experience that is totally at one with nature.

Discover British Columbia’s impressive geological features; swim in epic alpine lakes surrounded by endless evergreens, or take advantage of the natural spa and dip in the warm, rejuvenating water of the hot springs for a magical relaxation experience. 

Explore the epic landscapes that surround you either by hiking through spectacular forests or kayaking through the pristine waters. Connect with Mother Nature as you paddle along the serene shores watching for bears, seals, and eagles. Experience the magic of orcas playing with their young and humpback whales fully breaching out of the water. Watching these mesmerising animals in their natural habitat will truly transport you away from everyday life whilst you sit back and enjoy these mesmerizing animals in their natural habitat. Enjoy a spectacular sunset from the boat as you embrace this relaxed lifestyle.


Polar bear mother with cute cub walking on ice
a group dog sledding across the ice

The isolated archipelago of frozen tundra, Northern Lights, and midnight sun; discovering Svalbard’s imposing terrain and dramatic glaciers aboard a yacht is an unparalleled experience that offers a true sense of serenity.

Marvel at the calming silence of the lunar-like world that surrounds you, with no sign of civilisation as far as the eye can see. Travel ashore and join internationally recognised experts to traverse the ice on snowmobiles for a liberating way to witness this glacial world go by. Travel at your own pace and keep a watchful eye out for majestic polar bear for a powerful and awe-inspiring encounter with the natural world.

On your expedition, your yacht will also make for 82 Degrees North – this is the most northerly point it is possible to reach with a yacht and very few superyachts have ever been this far. Here you will experience genuine isolation and have the chance to forget the constraints of modern life surrounded by the endless expanses of Norwegian wilds.


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