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Timor Leste Aerial Coast

Yacht Experiences

The Natural Wonders of Timor Leste

This yacht expedition will open your eyes to Timor Leste, one of Southeast Asia’s most seldom explored countries, where a wealth of cultural and natural experiences await.

When to go:
June – November

Surrounded by ocean, a yacht offers the ideal platform from which to discover the best of both land and sea in Timor Leste. Journey to the country’s core where you’ll discover jungle caves peppered with ancient rock paintings, crumbling Portuguese colonial towns and forested slopes bursting with birdlife. Delve into the ocean’s depths, where Timor Leste reveals its key attractions, and explore the deep channels that plummet more than 3,000 metres, acting as a major migratory route for marine wildlife moving between the Pacific and Indian oceans, including whales, dolphins, large sharks and turtles. Prepare to be amazed with each dive as you descend into one of the most bio-diverse underwater eco-systems in the world.

Dili and Autauro

Arrive in Timor Leste where your yacht sits in wait at the capital city’s vibrant waterside. After settling on board, venture into Dili to relish in the spectacular views from the Cristo Rei Statue, the second largest Jesus figure in the world, before hiking to a secret beach to meet your yacht’s tender. As you speed back to your yacht, you may experience your first whale or dolphin encounter. Back on board, cruise to Autauro Island where you’ll delight in an afternoon of snorkelling or diving. With excellent visibility, expect a myriad of mesmerising fish species amongst the impressive coral.

Spend a morning diving the seldom-explored reef on the east of Autauro, either in a submersible or with a dive guide, before a helicopter whisks you to the island’s conical interior. Follow a maze of trails on mountain or dirt bikes, ending at an isolated village where authentic local life awaits. The next day, embrace the early hours to scan the horizon for Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Dolphins and Dugongs. Condition-dependent, swim with these gentle giants alongside Pelorus guides for an unforgettable wildlife experience. Later, you will aid local marine conservation through learning about the ongoing efforts to save and protect the reef before heading ashore for a cooking workshop with resident villagers.  

Atabae and Mount Ramelau

Cruising into Atabae, marvel at the majestic bay stretching before you as you embark on a fascinating submersible search for a lost WWII Japanese wreck. Only recently uncovered during an Australian Naval Survey, you could be one of the first to dive this site. There is also a high probability that you’ll happen upon other undiscovered wrecks in the area.

Later, head inland with your guides to an abandoned 18th Century Dutch fort whose walls still stand, overgrown with trees and shrubs. Climb the stone steps to find an iron cannon embossed with Dutch colonial marks.

Travel by helicopter deep into the mountainous depths of Timor Leste. Enveloped in eucalyptus forests, commence your hike to the Mount Ramelau summit where a striking statue of the Virgin Mary looms. Take a moment to savour the surreal experience of viewing the entire nation from this single vantage point before speeding along mountain tracks and luscious greenery on dirt bikes.

Viqueque and Jaco

Continue your submersible exploration of the wildlife-rich straights where the world’s healthiest population of Pygmy Blue Whales inhabit and through which, 41 other species of aquatic mammals pass each year. After some time under the water, board a helicopter and journey across the length of Timor to the hilltop village of Venilale in search of a mysterious peak known only as ‘The Lost World’. From here, you will join an ex-guerrilla fighter to unearth incredible limestone caves and tunnels, originally dug by the Japanese army during WWll.

Arise at Timor Leste’s most eastern point, Jaco, a unique, uninhabited island where local traditions and customs are held sacred. Embrace an outstanding island day on this pristine piece of paradise as you enjoy snorkelling, spearfishing and calming spa treatments on the jungles edge. If you’re feeling adventurous, hike into the dense jungle to learn survival techniques and tricks of the explorers’ trade alongside Pelorus guides. As dusk falls, gaze skywards at the blanket of stars, breath-takingly clear in this rare, isolated spot.

Ship Wreck Diving Acrema in Timor Leste
White Sand Beach Timor Leste Wreck Diving Bonaire Caribbean

Tutuala and Baucau

Following a relaxed morning, return to the mainland for a 4×4 adventure with your tribe guide to uncover a heavenly lake oasis teeming with life. Encounter vast numbers of Estuarine crocodiles swimming beneath its glistening waters and learn from the native tribe that they are not to be hunted, instead considered as sacred totem animals.

Explore Baucau, a wonderful city exuding Portuguese flavours through its picturesque colonial buildings, limestone outcrops and swaying banyan trees. Soak up the magnificent coastline stretching both east and west, and observe remarkable mountain ranges which dominate the skyline. Challenge yourself by climbing Mount Matebian with a guide from a nearby village before returning to your vessel via helicopter. From above, relish the rolling Baucau plateau from where cattle grazing and fields of crops neighbour the beautiful, untouched landscape and glistening waters of Timor Leste.


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