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The New Wave of Travel

Here’s why you should be considering a yacht expedition 

Words by Pelorus

Travel is changing. More and more people – millennials in particular – are seeking ways to get off the beaten track, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds. Rather than a tan, people want to return home with a story to share.

As we learn more about the world, its various environments, cultures and wildlife, we are able to see how much is yet to be explored. There is still so much wilderness: islands have been discovered within the last 20 years; new species within the rainforest much more recently than that; and many regions, where hotels and lodges are non-existent, remain unreachable by car or foot. Antarctica, the Kuril Islands, and Svalbard – to name a few.

The only way to properly explore these wild and lesser-seen places is by private yacht or motorboat. Whether island-hopping around Raja Ampat in Indonesia on a luxurious single-cabin, 30m sailing boat – perfect for honeymooners – or dodging icebergs inside the Arctic Circle on-board the likes of Aurora and Firebird, yachts open up a world of opportunity; a totally different experience to travelling on land.

Expect close encounters with wildlife, access to uninhabited islands and, perhaps the rarest luxury of all, absolute privacy.

Arktika anchored at Suhaili bugt by Kramer island. Kangerlussuaq, east Greenland. whale spotting off a yacht
firebird yacht exterior cozy interior of a yacht

Working with knowledgeable captains, cruising routes are created according to the conditions, topography and individual briefs – no two charter routes are ever the same, meaning every day is a new experience. Whether stargazing with a drink in hand as Northern Lights streak overheard, or catching up on some much-needed sleep as your vessel relocates in Alaska’s Prince William Sound for a day of heli-skiing in new surroundings, a yacht takes the stress out of moving from A to B.

Many travellers will not have considered this as a feasible option before – given the six-figure chartering costs of a superyacht, you’d be forgiven for skipping the thought – but the tide is changing: Pelorus has all-inclusive experiences that start at around $10,000 per person, ushering in a new wave of accessible yachting and 21st-century exploration. And for this money, you’ll certainly have that story.


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