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Luxury camp sitting area in Oman


Off-grid luxury camps

A private camp in the middle of nowhere offers an experience that no hotel, lodge, or chalet on Earth can match.

Words by Pelorus

One experience we like to feature in the itineraries we design is luxury wild camping. These require intricate planning and knowledge of a region, and a trusted on-the-ground team is essential. Done properly, a private camp in the middle of nowhere offers an experience that no hotel, lodge, or chalet on Earth can match.

When it comes to experiential travel and adventure, the term ‘luxury’ has a different meaning to different people. For some, it may be a totally stripped out back-to-nature experience, foraging for wild bounty on the shore; for others, an en-suite canvas tent with a white tablecloth supper and private chef. What makes these camps so special is that they are set up in off-grid locations far from any artificial noise, light pollution, and people.

These are three of our recent set-ups:

Empty Quarter, Oman

Rolling sand dunes for miles
Camp beautifully lit up at night

In Oman earlier this month, we set up luxury Bedouin tents in the heart of the Empty Quarter. The scale of this desert is like nothing you’ve ever witnessed before – miles and miles of golden sand dunes and arid expanses stretching to the horizon and far beyond. It is utterly breath-taking. Our guests drove deep into this wilderness, to a small luxury camp set within an enormous landscape. As evening fell, they enjoyed dinner around a campfire in total seclusion.

Bariloche, Argentina

kayak across a glacial lake to find this wild camp
table for two under canvas looking over the glacial lake

This day in Bariloche started on horses, as our honeymoon couple rode through beautiful forests to reach a vast glacial lake. Here they got into kayaks and crossed the lake to find their wild camp: a luxury dome tent tucked into the trees, lit by candles, and a table under canvas overlooking the water. A private chef whipped up a concoction of incredible delicacies over a wildfire and an astronomer joined them in the evening to talk through some of the constellations overhead.

Highlands, Scotland

wild camp set up in a sheltered area of the vast beach
secluded, yet exposed to the wild elements of Scotland's Highlands

Last August, on a family holiday in the Highlands, guests embarked on a RIB adventure to see a variety of birdlife and explore uninhabited islands. As they neared the shore after an hour’s outing, they rounded a section of craggy coastline and caught the first sight of a surprise BBQ on a private pristine sand beach. A chef then cooked fresh lobster and scallops, all of which were caught a stone’s throw from where they were sitting – not another person in sight.