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Oman Empty Quarter Bedu Camp


Adventure and Luxury in Oman

We took guests deep into the Empty Quarter in Oman, the largest expanse of desert in the world.

Words by Pelorus

Working with local Bedouin, who know these lands better than anyone, we set up a remote luxury camp and watched the sunset from the top of huge dunes. This vast desert is proof that genuine wilderness is still out there – the sands stretch beyond the horizon and at night the number of stars is truly mesmerising. This is the authentic experience you can only find when you go further off the beaten track than other luxury travel companies are willing to go, pushing the boundaries of what has been done before.

In addition to this, we went in search of the critically-endangered Arabian leopard, using secret paths on the edge of a 1200-metre cliff face; dived the clear waters at remote beaches; took a flight over the desert in a microlight; and discovered the Omani culture with a brilliant local guide. Unlocking these exclusive opportunities – several of which had never been done with guests – requires an ethos of innovation and trusted on-the-ground contacts. It is here that Pelorus separate themselves from their competitors.


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