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The Alps in Switerzerland


Book and travel with 100% confidence.

Booking with Confidence

We promise precision planning, flexibility and client safety with every single trip, to help you book with total confidence about your future plans.


Refunds and Flexibility

During the height of the pandemic we are proud to have negotiated successful cost-free postponements and 100% COVID related credits and refunds to all our clients. We aim to maintain 100% flexibility and continue negotiating the best possible outcomes for our clients.

If a national quarantine or the FCDO (UK)/State Department (US) advises against travel 14 days before your departure then you can either travel as planned, postpone to new dates or we will issue a refund.

No Hassle Postponements

If you are planning to postpone then we will work hard to negotiate this at no extra charge and with complete flexibility. If there is a chance that a supplier is less flexible on postponements, then we will inform you as soon as you book. If the value of your new booking is greater or lesser than your original booking, then new prices will reflect the change or be refunded to you.


If you would like a full refund, we will always try to achieve a 100% refund for you. However, we are only able to refund to you what our suppliers and partners refund us, we will of course give you prior notice of supplier’s terms before booking and discuss all options with you.


Planning & travelling with Confidence

We take pride in our military precision planning, due-diligence and client safety. And now, more than ever it’s crucial to ensure safe and worry-free travel for anyone travelling with Pelorus. To advise us on how to do so, Pelorus has appointed a consultant Infection Prevention & Control Advisor. Dr Helen Evans has numerous years’ experience in the provision of high-quality infection, prevention and control services across the United Kingdom. Read more about Dr Helen here.


COVID Travel Insurance

We are delighted to be able to offer a brand new travel insurance policy that includes cover for cancellation and curtailment of a booking if you have contracted the virus, in quarantine or denied travel due to suspected infection.