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The PELORUS Agency is a leading experiential product development, incentives and corporate events organisation. Our focus is on delivering genuine next-level experiences to businesses. Working closely with you, our team of experts will gain an understanding of your business needs, and use this information to craft and implement measurable solutions that fully engage your clients, colleagues, employees or business.

Our network of contacts opens up exclusive opportunities around the world, allowing us to bring your business into the realms of experiential travel, adventure and events. Whether it is a party on a sand dune, a controlled hostage situation to test how your employees react under pressure, or a heli-skiing adventure for your top clients, The PELORUS Agency will make it happen. Every experience is built from scratch, allowing us to be hugely creative and innovative in delivering the right results for your business needs. We will reassure your employees they work for the best company in the city; inform your clients they’re in the right place; and drive the development of your experiential offerings.



PELORUS designs extraordinary events for businesses looking to entertain clients, incentivise staff, launch a product or focus on team building. These events can take place in remote locations, and in varying environments. From thick jungle and desert dunes to stark glaciers and yachts at sea, we will create an occasion that will be remembered for years.


PELORUS creates travel incentives and reward experiences across the globe by fully understanding your organisation, staff and their desires. These incentives are designed to reward and retain. Working to your brief, we shall create truly extraordinary experiences – see our Private Adventures, Yacht Expeditions and Special Projects for some inspiration.


PELORUS creates experiential products for luxury brands, hotels, villas, private estates and yacht companies to enhance their services and increase their business. Whether a new coastal resort or an established lodge in the mountains, we work directly with your team or on a consultancy basis to develop and formulate fresh and exciting experiential offerings.


To learn more, contact The PELORUS Agency team: +44 20 3848 5424 || info@pelorusx.com


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