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Pelorus x OceanSky Cruises: Access the Inaccessible

We are delighted to announce that Pelorus has been named as official ‘Expedition Partners’ of OceanSky Cruises: the ‘Airline of Airships’ that is leading the resurgence of ‘lighter than air’ luxury aviation.  

Through this special collaboration, our expert global network of travel researchers and designers are developing a series of exclusive sea, land, and air bound experiences like no other. Each individually crafted to provide guests an alternative way to experience some of the world’s most spectacular regions. First stop: the North Pole.

Gliding effortlessly at an altitude of 1000ft above the ground, OceanSky Cruises’ Airship charters will come equipped with immaculately designed individual cabins and living spaces akin to what can be found onboard some of the world’s most impressive superyachts.

With Michelin star fine dining, 360 panoramic viewing areas, and plenty of extra onboard delights (to be announced), guests will gain an utterly new perspective as they watch the Polar World and its fascinating array of flora and fauna pass by steadily below.

Upon reaching The Geographic North Pole, the airship will carefully descend to ground level, allowing for a special lunch and a few precious hours on top of the world – a feat only possible due to the unique capabilities of low impact airships that do not require a runway.

It’s worth noting that airships are not a new creation; in a bygone era, they were once considered the rulers of the skies and used widely to transport people and cargo around the world. Following the rise of the modern-day jet aircraft, their position as the ultimate flying experience was lost. 

Fast forward to today, with rapid advancements in sustainable aviation and Airship technology and a better understanding of how travel impacts some of the planet’s most fragile regions, Airships offer a unique solution for those seeking environmentally friendly, life changing experiences, in absolute 5-star settings.

OceanSky Cruises

“From inception, we’ve sought to be at the very forefront of innovation in the field of high-end, sustainable travel and bring exciting clean-tech solutions into the market for guests to enjoy. To partner with OceanSky Cruises and begin offering experiences that touch all these aspects is something we are incredibly excited for.”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis
Pelorus CEO and co-founder
OceanSky Cruises interior

“Reaching the most dramatic, pristine, and inaccessible corners of the globe is often fraught with logistical challenges and a distinct lack infrastructure, often deterring even the most seasoned globetrotter or passionate budding explorer. Through this pioneering new service, we can provide Pelorus clients the opportunity to comfortably go further than ever before”. 

Jimmy Carroll
Pelorus Co-Founder and Business Development Director
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