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Enhance your experience with any of these optional bolt-ons. These services are also available as stand-alone services.

HOST: A guide on the ground to ensure the smooth running of your trip from start to finish.

MEDIC: A fully-trained doctor or para-medic in the event that anyone requires medical treatment during your experience.

24/7 MEDICAL SUPPORT LINE: Professional medical team on-hand at the touch of a button.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO: Capture the highlights by taking a photographer and/or a videographer. The images and footage they capture can then be edited into a photobook or short film for you to remember the experience for years to come.

EXPERTS: Spend time with respected field professionals, such as marine biologists, conservationists and scientists, who have an invaluable knowledge of their subject, adding an element of education and further detail to your experience.

SPECIALIST EQUIPMENT: Take your trip to the next level by hiring various toys, such as flying inflatable boats.

TIME-SAVING MEASURES: The fastest way to get you in and out of remote regions.

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