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The Private Adventures we design at PELORUS are ambitious and hugely innovative. Every itinerary is built from scratch and every possible resource is explored to unlock exclusive and unique opportunities for our clients. This is how we go about designing each experience:

STAGE 1: The first step is a meeting or call to talk through your travel inspirations, transport preferences and past experiences to allow us to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve from your experience. The information obtained at this stage is hugely important as it lays the foundations for what will ultimately become a genuinely next-level experience.

STAGE 2: The planning starts in the Pelorus office as a designated team of Project Managers perform extensive research around your brief. With initial ideas in place, we then work with a network of international contacts to unlock exclusive and unique opportunities in remote corners of the world.

STAGE 3: We then send you several experience proposals, with varying levels of luxury, modes of transport and exclusivity. Once you have had a chance to look through it with your family, friends and children (depending on who you are travelling with), we will run through each one together to see which experience you would like to take into the next phase.

STAGE 4: Back with the Project Managers, we do a deep dive into your experience to fine tune every single day and ensure that it is innovative, immersive and extraordinary. We also undertake thorough risk assessments of all people, places and transport involved. If necessary, at this stage we will conduct a recce to ensure the experience meets our standards of creativity and safety.

STAGE 5: Once you have approved the final itinerary, our team continue to monitor all elements of the experience and the in-country situation. We will make you aware of all pre-departure requirements, such as documentation, immunisations, cultural observations, relevant contacts and packing lists.

STAGE 6: Your assigned Project Manager will be available throughout the duration of your experience to take care of any issues, however big or small.

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