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Culture in Colombia

Virtually untouched by tourism, Colombia is rapidly becoming established as one of the most colourful, biodiverse and culturally fascinating destinations on Earth.

When to go: January – March, July – September

- Explore the ancient city of Cartagena with an architectural and cultural expert. This eye opening and enriching experience will see you sampling delicious local cuisine and with the guidance of a professional local chef, you will visit the colourful local food markets, before preparing and cooking your own local delicacies.

- Take to the skies and soar over the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by helicopter for an exclusive aerial view of the ‘Lost City’.

- Journey north to visit the indigenous Kogui community where Pelorus has gained exclusive access to this remote tribe. Take part in a humbling cultural exchange by delivering school supplies and other essentials to the local people - a rare insight into the ways in which this ancient tribe has preserved its culture, traditions and beliefs, far removed from civilisation.

- Leave the jungle behind and journey to the coast for an intimate experience with one of the world’s biggest concentrations of humpback whales. On this incredible speedboat excursion, you will watch whales in their natural habitat under the leadership of an expert Pelorus guide, who will coordinate a route for you to follow to ensure the best chances of seeing these majestic creatures.

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