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Cultural jewels in Myanmar

Embark on a magnificent Myanmar adventure with an exclusive visit to one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites, impressive colonial architecture and untouched villages where the traditional ways of Asia endure.

When to go: November – March

- Head to Shwedagon pagoda with a private guide and participate in the ‘Patrons light oil lamps’ event, a special arrangement of offerings to Buddha. You will assist in lighting 1000 oil lamps on the platform surrounding the pagoda

- Explore Downtown Yangon and its colonial architecture. Your private guide will show you secret spots of the city, away from the tourist trail, allowing you to explore the most impressive buildings in relative peace

- Wake early to take a morning hot air balloon ride over the temples of Bagan – there are few more stunning ways to see the scale and beauty of this culturally-extraordinary region

- Take mountain bikes through spectacular scenery and local villages to reach Inle Lake, where you will stop for a remote gourmet lunch. You will also witness the traditional boat racing ceremony on the Intha people

- Experience a traditional rocket festival, during which large bamboo poles are filled with gunpowder to fire rockets out the end. This festival is celebrated as an offering to the gods for a favourable climate, good harvest, and a prosperous and peaceful New Year

- Combine a beautiful trek with visiting villages belonging to people from Lahu, Akha and Eng tribes – this will give you the opportunity to learn about the different minority people in the area. You can also visit a Wa tribal village of Kong Ma. The Wa are known as the ‘Wild Wa’ due to their practice of headhunting

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