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Madagascar: A World of its Own

Home to an abundance of endemic wildlife, verdant jungles and pristine beaches, Madagascar is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

When to go: April – December

- Using newly acquired rope-climbing skills, scale the vast trunks of Madagascar’s famed Baobab trees and climb to their canopies. Alongside unrivalled panoramic views, this exclusive experience offers the opportunity to work with leading scientists in one of the most ecologically significant forests in the world. You will work with the most experienced scientists and guides to help further their research and even sleep up in the tree canopies, suspended way above the forest floor.

- Embark on a Lemur trekking expedition to find the rare Gold Crowned Lemur, which is only found in this pocket of the world. Explore the verdant jungle they inhabit with a terrestrial guide and environmental team to aid conservation efforts and learn more about this elusive species.

- Track magnificent humpback whales by helicopter as you soar above the Madagascan coastline. For this highly exhilarating experience, the helicopter doors will be off to allow you a better view; a truly unique way to observe and marvel at these majestic creatures.

- Back down on the ground, you will have the opportunity to go caving through the largest underground cave network in Africa. Explore the incredible limestone formations known as the Tsingy with an expert guide and learn about the history of this geologically diverse region as you scale the rocky precipices.

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