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The Diversity of Brazil

In Brazil, environments vary from the energetic streets of Rio to the expansive wetlands of the Pantanal and the dense Amazon delta. An incredible range of experiences awaits you in this diverse country.

When to go: April – October

- Assist in collaring Jaguars for a completely bespoke, once in a lifetime experience; alongside scientists and conservationists you will track, sedate and collar one of these mysterious and mesmeric creatures in order to aid conservation efforts.

- Not to be missed is a trip to Rio de Janeiro with its bustling streets, vibrant nightlife and epic surrounding landscapes. With a local guide, explore ground level by venturing into the cosmopolitan core of the city to learn about its cultural heritage before taking to the sky in a helicopter for an aerial view of the world-renowned statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’.

- Stepping away from civilisation, visit Manaus where a jungle survival experience awaits you. Led by a team of ex-army officers, learn how to make a fire, source food and build a shelter; a truly authentic experience that will prove to be a test of your most basic instincts.

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