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Explore the savage beauty of Antarctica

Working alongside scientists and guides based in Antarctica, we have created an experience that offers a rare insight into the most unexplored continent on Earth, including a night at the South Pole.

When to go: November – January

- Depart from Cape Town­ in the only private jet that flies to Antarctica, landing on Wolf’s Fang Blue Ice runway. A smaller ski-equipped aircraft will take you deeper into the frozen continent to your camp*

- You will start and finish each day at your camp, which features state-of-the-art sleeping pods, a sauna and a warm dining space for three-course dinners cooked by a private chef

- Visit the South Pole, where you’ll receive a tour of the Amundsen Scott Science Base to learn about their ground-breaking research. The flight in and out will give you the chance to appreciate Antarctica’s breathtaking scale and stark desolation. You will have the option to camp here – if not, you can settle for having your passport stamped and return to camp

- Fly to Atka Bay where you’ll walk among a colony of more than 6,000 emperor penguins. You will be part of a tiny minority who have been lucky enough to witness this in person

- Closer to camp you can climb a 200ft ice wall, explore caves and tunnel systems, abseil down the giant mountain Nunatak, and try your hand at kite-skiing with instructors

*All flights during your adventure are offset by fully-accredited carbon-neutral schemes

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