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Night skiing in British Columbia

Experience the best of British Columbia’s rolling ridges and vast alpine bowls, before connecting with the snow and challenging your senses under the cover of darkness for a truly unique night skiing experience.

When to go: December – April

- Take the Cat into pristine wilds on the mountain to enjoy fresh powder. You’ll be led by a world-class mountain guide. In the afternoon, you’ll ski around the stunning Mount Mackenzie and surrounding peaks

- Today is the day you will experience night skiing, something that few people in the world have ever done, mixing some of the best powder on Earth, a ski-suit studded with LEDs and a series of powerful spotlights to illuminate the mountainside. Everything will be recorded for you to create an amazing memento of this exceptional experience

- Wake up to be picked up by your private helicopter. You’ll have two guides with you as you enjoy a full day of big mountain skiing, with access to the Monashee and Selkirk regions. Your expert guides will take you to the most pristine slopes where the conditions are at their best

- Fly to a luxury remote cabin with a private chef for the second half of your week

- Head out with your guides for a full day of backcountry skiing through incredible untouched snow

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