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Norway: Whales, Wolves and Wilderness

Northern Norway showcases the staggering beauty of the Arctic; an image of Scandinavian wilderness complete with stirring landscapes, jagged ice fields and an abundance of incredible wildlife.

When to go: October – February

- Nestled in the northernmost animal park in the world is the Wolf Lodge. Here, you can meet beguiling wolves and watch them frolic in the snow or approach you for a frozen kiss in an exclusive and immersive experience with these mythical creatures.

- Combine this experience with an overnight adventure into the vast Norwegian wilds. Explore huge swathes of glacial landscape as you skim across the ice by snowmobile, or learn the art of ‘mushing’ from a local expert before taking the reins and controlling your own sled pulled by huskies.

- Stay at a luxury lodge isolated miles from civilisation and watch the northern lights illuminate the night sky.

- Take to the skies and transfer to the Lofoten coast in a private helicopter. Here, you will jump into a speedboat and watch majestic sea eagles circle overhead as you explore the Norwegian wilds.

- Take the plunge and pull on a wet suit to dive into ice-cold water and observe Orcas swimming beneath you.

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