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An unforgettable Polar journey across the Svalbard archipelago

Utterly removed from civilisation, join a local guide to glide across the glacial landscape of Svalbard for a truly enchanting, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When to go: March – May

Photos: Jason Roberts / Visit Svalbard

- On arrival into Longyearbyen you will be met by your guide, who will give a safety briefing to prepare for the expedition ahead – this is your chance to familiarise yourself with the equipment and gear you will be using throughout

- Ride snowmobiles from Longyearbyen to the east coast of Svalbard, crossing the large inland glacial ice cap that separates the east and west coasts of Svalbard. In the realm of polar bears, you will feel truly alone in the great wilderness far from civilization

- Take a snowmobile expedition across another larger ice cap to visit the inner east coast fjords. En route, you may be lucky enough to experience some incredible encounters with Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Reindeer and an amazing amount of bird species.

- Glide over the vast surrounding snow expanses on a dog sled, stopping to explore an ice cave in one of the larger glaciers on the island

- Head to an abandoned Russian mining town, almost perfectly preserved in the state in which it was left when some 3,000 miners were told to move out overnight. With the exception of Chernobyl, there are few better examples of deserted towns anywhere in the world

- End your experience at Huset, featuring the the best restaurant on the archipelago, as well as one of the largest and most celebrated wine cellars in northern Europe

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