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Witness five endangered species in one year

The list of endangered species is growing fast and the threat of extinction looms over a number of the planet’s most iconic animals. We have created a five-stage itinerary, to be done over the course of a year, that will get you close to some of the most extraordinary species on Earth.

PHASE ONE - You’ll start in Northern India, heading into the mountains near Ladakh to search for the elusive snow leopard. This is traditionally a seven-day itinerary, with two days at the start of the experience to acclimatise to the altitude. You’ll then spend five days with specialist guides, who will give you the best possible chance of witnessing a snow leopard in its natural environment

PHASE TWO - Next up is gorilla trekking in Congo’s Virunga National Park. Landing into Kigali you’ll be transferred to Virunga, to a remote lodge within the jungle. The next day you’ll head in to the forest with guides, in a group no bigger than eight people, to track a gorilla family. You will spend an hour in the company of these amazing primates – a truly remarkable experience

PHASE THREE - Between the months of May and September, you’ll fly to Longyearbyen in Svalbard to track polar bears via snowmobile, dog-sled or RIB. It is a stark, hauntingly-beautiful environment; totally different to any other other you’ll witness within this Bucket List experience

PHASE FOUR - Next up are the orangutans in Borneo. Landing in Pangkalanbuun, a guide will take you to your private, deluxe klotok. You’ll head deep into Tanjung Puting National Park, and spend three days observing these endangered primates in their natural habitat

PHASE FIVE - Lastly, you’ll head for Sri Lanka to witness blue whales, the largest animal to have ever lived. In Mirissa, you’ll experience world-class diving, and get a glimpse of these animals from the water and from above. An incredible way to round off your sequence experience

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