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Secluded and shaded. thatched seating area at Royal Belize


Island Isolation & Seclusion on the Slopes

Today, remote destinations have a whole new appeal and the lure of isolating in divine luxury is building. It’s time to reimagine your ‘new normal’ and embark on extreme adventures from the doorstep of the world’s most remote properties, unravelling a new ‘isolation’ story.

Privacy and seclusion reign coveted, and where better to find yourself marooned than in the champagne powdered mountains, or on one of the many remote islands peppered across our oceans? Perhaps it is the exclusivity and comfort of isolating with your ‘bubble’ which is seeing an increased interest for luxurious chalets, private villas or even the take-over of entire islands.

Unbridled luxury is where the peacefulness of the serene surroundings blanket you and human presence is scarce, it is an off-grid hushed haven to reconnect with the natural world and switch off from distractions. Just you and your ‘bubble’. And the occasional off the wall experience to indulge the adrenaline-seeker amongst you!

Whatever it is you dream to be your ultimate isolation setting, we have the world’s best remote properties at our fingertips. Drawing upon a blend of our team’s individual expertise and military background, a precise plan suited to your desires will ensure that wherever you chose to whisk away to, will bring extreme adventures resulting in unforgettable memories.

Isolate in Style

Space is particularly valuable right now. Something our clients request of us often is the opportunity of travelling privately door to door and this is something we love to deliver. This means a personal driver to transport you to and from your private flight, enhancing your whole trip from the moment you set out, to the moment you arrive home. We understand the no-faff-factor to enjoying a trip and the importance of doing whatever we can to a install confidence into our clients to travel.

We all love the idea of uninterrupted views, however a property with a heli-pad will take that to the next level, introducing you to the knock-out views, or whisking you away to that distant peak to carve fresh tracks. We could also all do with expert guides to answer those burning questions about the peculiar wildlife that surrounds us or the cultural heritage of the local area. Pelorus know just the people.

One of the key reasons we chose to travel to a particular country, is to suss out the food. Be it drooling over freshly caught fish and home-grown garden produce prepared by your island chef, or live-in chefs at the top of their game expelling sumptuous scents of their next dreamy creation, an exquisite culinary scene is a must and flexibility is key. Maybe you want breakfast for dinner, or to enjoy a prepared meal in the wilds. In which case, world-class service every step of the way accommodates for any request, when and where. No desire is too off-the-wall at Pelorus, however remote your destination.

delicious food at Bison Lodge top ski chalet remote Culinary scene at Isla Palenque in the jungle, adapting for clients when and where they want
Private travel by sea plane to the Nautilus, Maldives adrenaline-spiking activity of sky diving with view over snowcapped mountains in Alaska

The lure to isolate in an ultra-luxurious setting, either on an idyllic island, or cozied up inside the warmth of a mountain chalet with serene views is building. People still have the lust to travel, but to remote areas and away from people.

These beautifully secluded properties offer the opportunity for just that. Picture opulence on tap, with opportunity for adrenaline-spiking escapades.


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