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‘Regenerative’, ‘sustainable’, ‘purposeful’ – these buzzwords are shaking up the travel sector in a positive way, stimulating change to better the way we travel and treat our natural world, its inhabitants and wild species.

The unexpected events of recent years led to a pause in movement which rippled across the entire planet. Initially this presented an undeniable shock to the travel industry, however as time rolled on and life remained stagnant, this pause encouraged a unique opportunity to reflect on the world of travel.

Countries across the globe were hit hard by a sudden lack of tourism whilst Pelorus, as an experiential travel company, was prevented from sending our clients to remote corners of the world. Taking a break from designing life-changing adventures allowed our team to focus on the future and reimagine travel experiences which provide a true purpose. Travel, and more specifically purposeful travel, is bouncing back and we’re excited for what’s in store.

Zebras Running Away in Tsavo National Park Kenya

“Experiential travel company Pelorus is also focusing on ‘giving back’, with the announcement of the launch of the Pelorus Foundation, a stand-alone, registered charity with a dedicated team and board of trustees to ensure it delivers far more than a traditional travel company foundation.”


With momentum building and demand rising, now is the time to turn your dreams into reality and think about that unforgettable trip you’ve been itching to embark on all year. Our Travel Designers will think outside the box to push boundaries and go past what you thought possible, inspiring you to go beyond your bucket list and choose once-in-a-lifetime experiences which exude authenticity and generate a positive impact on local communities, their natural environment, and cultural heritage. Escaping the ever-increasing crowds of popular destinations is enticing, whilst devoting more time abroad enables full immersion into new cultures.

Rooted in sustainability, it is encouraging to see regenerative travel firmly on the agenda for 2022 and beyond. Seeking to make a difference in our own way, our launch of the Pelorus Foundation strives towards the protection, preservation and promotion of at-risk wildlife and environments across the planet.

Some of our Foundation’s pioneering conservation projects would not be possible without your desire to explore the world and consciously do good while you are away. This is where Pelorus excels in experiential conservation, helping you to actively get involved with vital initiatives. Here are a few examples of what we can achieve.

Research Whales in Antarctica

Work alongside marine scientists on a whale conservation programme based in the remote Antarctic Peninsula. Addressing the detrimental impacts of climate change and anthropogenic factors, you’ll embark on an adventure of a lifetime all while contributing to crucial research.

Chartering one of Pelorus’ superyachts, you’ll stay in complete luxury while gaining access to far-reaching corners that other modes of transport would be cut off from. You will gather data to directly support the protection and ongoing conservation of Antarctica’s whales and wider ecosystem, spending time on board with expert ornithologists and marine biologists for an inspirational and enriching experience.

If this experience appeals to you, please get in touch to discuss further.

Rhino Conservation in Kenya

If it’s the African continent which attracts your attention, Pelorus can tailor your adventure to involve conservation-related experiences, bringing you closer to remarkable wild species and endearing local communities. Home to a growing population of the critically endangered black rhino and the last remaining northern white rhinos, a journey to Kenya could see you participating in key conservation efforts alongside inspiring field rangers. From rhino tracking on foot to evening ranger deployments, your support in monitoring and identifying these magnificent creatures will help make a difference for years to come.

Cultural Immersion in Mongolia

If you’re eager to step outside your comfort zone and experience a somewhat unusual adventure, Pelorus will whisk you away to the remote depths of Mongolia to support the conservation efforts of the extraordinary Tsaatan people. With a combination of horse sledding, reindeer sleighs, skiing and trekking, reaching this untouched world is a phenomenal journey in itself. Through transporting salt and donor reindeer sperm to these secluded communities, your active involvement is critical for their survival in this fragile ecosystem.

To read more on this engaging experience, follow the link below.

tsaatan people reindeer mongolia

This is just a sample of the purposeful adventures we can create, but delve deeper into our website and you’ll discover an array of eye-opening, meaningful experiences which will see you returning home feeling fulfilled. Broaden your understanding of people and places and transform your travel habits, all while contributing to the travel sector’s revival.


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