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Hero Hikkaduwa Bay Fisherman Sri Lanka

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Rich Culture and Varied Wildlife in Sri Lanka

One of Sri Lanka’s main draw cards are its beaches and wonderful coastlines. Often referred to as the Teardrop of India, Sri Lanka ticks many boxes for visitors – there is world-class surfing, sailing and diving, while the stilt fishermen and colonial towns offer true cultural immersion. Inland, this rich diversity gathers momentum: the island boasts eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites; jungles shake with herds of elephants; and the local cuisine is the stuff of legend. The best way to explore these shores and hidden beaches is by yacht, allowing you to move between anchorages in search of your own strip of Sri Lankan sand.

When to go:
December – April


Arrive in Sri Lanka where you will be met by your Pelorus guide and escorted to your yacht. Once you have got settled in and met your crew, head out on a surf lesson in Hikkaduwa with a pro-surfer. Hikkaduwa is an excellent surfing spot, but also boasts some of the best diving around Sri Lanka with at least 10 coral reef sites and numerous shipwreck sites to explore.

A divemaster will then take you out to the wrecks of The Earl Shaftsbury, Conch & Norsa. The Earl of Shaftsbury was an English ship that sunk in 1893 and has since become home to tropical fish and corals. The Conch is a steam-powered oil tanker. One of the first oil tankers in the world, it was built in 1892 in Stockton for Shell. She weighed 3555 tonnes and was on a journey from Novorossisk to Madras when on the 2nd of June 1903 she hit a rock and sank. The wreck is well preserved, with penetration possible into the cabin which is filled with cave-dwellers. The water remains clear with good visibility because of the rocky bottom. You are sure to spot groupers, napoleons, queen angelfish, and all other reef fishes as you swim among the eerie wrecks.


Sail down to Mirissa in the early hours of the morning. Enjoy a picnic breakfast in your tender prepared by the yacht chef while you go whale watching in your vessel’s tender. Starting the day early will allow you the best chance to spot whales while the seas are at their calmest. Spot majestic blue whales, the biggest animals on the planet, and you may even have the chance to jump in the water and swim alongside these gentle giants. Other whales that frequent this coastline are Bryde’s, minke, humpback, and sperm whales. You may also spot pods of dolphins dancing in the waves. Returning to your yacht, enjoy fresh local food picked up from the shore and prepared to perfection. Then head ashore where you will get the chance to surf some of the best breaks in the Indian ocean with an expert local guide who knows where to find unrivalled waves. After an afternoon of adventure in the water, return to the shore and replenish your strength with a barbecue on a secret beach. Delight in local delicacies cooked to perfection and a well-earned drink as the sun dips below the horizon.


Arise early and make your way ashore where a helicopter will be awaiting you. Hop on and make your way to Udawalawe National Park. Here you can spot some of the animals that call Sri Lanka home. These animals include the Ceylon spotted deer, elephants, giant squirrels, leopards, otters, sloth bears, Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, thick-tailed pangolin, toque macaque, water buffalo and more. Enjoy a wild bush lunch in the heart of the national park surrounded by the sights and sounds of the wild around you. After an afternoon exploring the park on foot, by jeep, or on horseback get back on the helicopter and you will be taken to Arugam Bay where your yacht will be waiting for you.


Wake up in Vakarai and enjoy breakfast on deck. A helicopter will then come and pick you up and take you to Sigiriya, also known as Lion Rock. This rock towers 200 metres over the surrounding jungle and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Soar into the sky in a hot air balloon. This is the perfect way to see the jungle and Sigiriya from above. Whilst in the sky you can enjoy a luxury picnic as you watch the landscape float by below you. After lunch, you will be taken to a local tea plantation where you will taken on an expertly guided tour of the estate. Enjoy a tea tasting among the lush and far-reaching leaves of the plantation. Return to your yacht where you will begin an overnight passage.


After travelling overnight, you will wake up off the coast of Kalmunai. Here you will be picked up by a helicopter and taken to Yala National Parl. This amazing national park is home to the Sri Lankan elephant as well as boasting over 44 different mammal species and one of the highest densities of leopards in the world. A local, expert guide will take you through the park teaching you how to track and recognise animals by their unique footprints. You will be picked up from the park and flown back to your yacht which will be waiting for you near Okanda.

Mirissi Native Boats under the Palm trees in Sri Lanka Lake in Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka
Tea Plantation Sri Lanka Aerial View Sri Lanka Birdlife in Udawalawe National Park


Wake up early and enjoy breakfast on deck. Set off on kayaks and journey through the Tangalle Lagoon. Tangalle is a far from the beaten tourist track. Tangalle is instead a true glimpse of the real Sri Lanka allowing you an authentic experience in this beautiful country. This lagoon is the perfect place to encounter a wealth of marine wildlife. Kaya through the mangroves discovering hidden pathways and waterways that house fish, exotic birds, and lizards. Take in the stunning tropical beauty of these mangroves and be awed by the sheer variety and amount of wildlife that they house. In the afternoon head below the surface and embark on a dive. Diving in these tropical waters you are likely to spot angelfish, lionfish, and pufferfish as well as the octopus’ barracuda. Enjoy discovering the wild, fish-filled coral reefs that thrive in the warm and crystal-clear waters.


Your yacht will set off early in the morning and head towards Galle. You will be taken ashore and meet your local fishing crew for the day. These local experts will take you out in search of Spanish Mackerel, Skipjack Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sail Fish, Marlins, Frigate Tuna, and more. You will enjoy your catch as soon as you reel it in as it will be immediately prepared and transformed into the freshest sushi you will ever eat. After this refreshing lunch, head back to shore and the historic city of Galle. This UNESCO world heritage site is home to the cultural capital of the south, Galle Fort. This seafront fort exudes charm and character boasting narrow, paved streets, boutique shops, and colonial buildings that are steeped in history. Enjoy drinks from the grand form as you watch the sunset before bidding farewell to Sri Lanka and beginning your journey home.


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