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Yacht Experiences

Sail Under the Southern Lights in Tasmania

Home to remote waterways, serene channels, and a scattering of pristine islands, Tasmania is a perfect place for a yachting adventure. Your experience will see you traversing Tasmania’s diverse and untouched landscapes, embarking on extreme activities in national parks, and sipping on fine wines under the Southern Lights.

When to go:
December – March


Begin your adventure in Australia’s second oldest city, Hobart is the gateway to a variety of unique destinations including World heritage sites complete with expansive scenery, colonial history, and varied natural attractions. Visit David Walsh’s Museum of Old and New Art, a so-called Disneyland for adults. Enjoy this weird and wonderful world of contemporary exhibitions, sensory experiences, and immersive sound experiences. Drive or hike up the region’s defining Mount Wellington for a show-stopping view over Hobart and beyond. Return to your vessel for a laid-back dinner on board, complete with some of Tasmania’s delicious local seafood.


Wake up anchored off the coast of Bruny Island. This island is a remarkable spectacle made up of craggy clifftops and abundant wildlife. Set off on an immersive bushwalk through the stunning natural landscape, strolling between towering cliffs, sandy beaches, and coastal heathland. A local guide will be on hand to teach you about the Aboriginal people, sailors, whalers, and explorers who have made up so much of Bruny Island’s history. Keep an eye out for echidnas, white wallabies, seals, and whales that breach the waters off the coast of the island.

As you finish your hike, make your way onto shore where you can enjoy a private cheese and wine tasting on the beach. Bruny island is famous for its local, artisanal cheeses and cool climate wines. Enjoy tasting some of the island’s best cheeses paired with some of their premium wines. 

Make your way to South Bruny National Park where you can undertake an epic rock climbing experience on the towering dolerite cliffs of South Bruny National Park. A local climber will be with you as you navigate these craggy rock faces. At the top take in far reaching views over some of Tasmania’s most rugged landscapes. In the evening, return to your vessel to dine under the stars and, if you’re lucky, under the southern lights.


Make your way inland on the Huon Valley to Hartz Mountains National Park. This Park overlooks Tasmania’s south-west wilderness and offers invigorating walks with panoramic views of remote mountain ranges. A dolerite range runs through the centre of the reserve, and it’s scattered with small glacial lakes and diverse vegetation ranging from eucalypt forest and alpine heath. An expert guide will be with you as you traverse the land, to teach you about the local flora and fauna including echidnas, Bennetts wallabies, padymelons, and platypus. Stop in the wilderness for a wild lunch surrounded by nature.

Refreshed and restored head out along the park’s waterways on a kayaking tour through the natural landscape. Make your way along the dark tannin rich waters of the Lune River. Under the shade of Adamsons Peak and the Southern Ranges, journey downstream, keeping an eye out for some of the region’s varied and rare birdlife. Make your way all the way down until you emerge onto the clear waters of the ocean surrounded by white sandy beaches. Here, your tender will be waiting to return you to your vessel.

Credit Tourism Tasmania, Brad Harris, Samuel Shelley, Ash Thomson, & Tayla Gentle


Boasting world-class wines, a trip to Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without a visit to some of its renowned vineyards. Learn how to tend to the vines before enjoying a premium tasting with exquisite cuisine paired by a top local chef. Take in the myriad of flavours as you admire the backdrop of vines, rolling hills and glorious sunshine.


Set out from Port Davey, a small port on the southwest tip of the island. Here is where you will hop into a seaplane for a breath-taking flight over Tasmania’s most abundant natural landscapes. From above you can witness this untouched, pristine natural setting in all its wild beauty. Soaring above Tasmania’s largest national park is an experience you cannot forget. Land and enjoy a delicious wild lunch followed by exploring the park on foot.  Take in a range of plant and animal species including rare Huon pine, and some of the last remaining temperate wilderness on Earth. Keep your eyes peeled for some of Tasmania’s wildlife including wombats, padymelons, and quolls. This is also the main breeding ground of one of the most highly endangered birds in the world, the orange bellied parrot. Return to your vessel in the evening and enjoy a delicious dinner under the ever changing colours of the southern lights.

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Tasmania Wildlife Tasmanian Devil Australia Tasmania Jungle Waterfall Australia


Wake up off the coast of Port Arthur and take in Australia’s most intact convict settlement to get a taste of Tasmania’s colonial past. Head to the nearby Tasman National Park, an area of dramatic beauty and diverse natural landscapes. These include spectacular coastal environments and dolerite sea cliffs. Stroll through the park taking in brushtail possums, forest dwelling birds, and marine animals including penguins, dolphins, and migrating whales. This wildlife is somewhat overshadowed by the parks most famous resident, the Tasmanian devil, whose population has been steadily increasing over the last few years. You can even join in local conservation efforts here.

The coastal vegetation grows along the rugged edges of the cliffs that crash down to the churning sea below. For those who are looking to get their adrenaline pumping, try catching some waves at the big wave mecca, Shipsterns Bluff. Or you may wish to simply watch the pros take on this epic big wave spot complete with circling sharks and a shallow reef.

Otherwise, take to the skies on a hang-gliding adventure. Feel the wind beneath your wings as you glide smoothly through tall forests and over coastal cliffs. With an expert instructor, you will fly through the sky and take in panoramic mountain and sea views in absolute silence as you soar through ridges and thermals.


Head below the surface at Eaglehawk Neck. This world class diving centre includes the famous Cathedral Cave as well as the historic wreck of SS Nord. There is also a magical sponge garden where you can dive along with Fur Seals. There are dives here for those of all experience and skill levels and you will always be accompanied by a marine biologist with extensive local knowledge.

Return to the surface and enjoy lunch onboard as you cruise towards Clifton beach. Here you can take the waves once more for an epic surf through Tasmania’s best waves. And, after a day of adventure and activity, head to a nearby beach for a sunset dinner. As the sun sets, sip delicious local wines and you may even get the chance to see the southern lights start to dance across the sky above you.


On your final day in Tasmania, enjoy a morning of the area’s best cuisine. Head out with local fishermen and join them in harvesting oysters straight from the crystal-clear waters. Snorkel in secluded bays where you can find abalone and sea urchin. Take your bounty to a nearby beach where you will be lead in a masterclass on how to prepare and cook your fresh sea food Including rock lobsters and salmon along with your foraged foods. Enjoy your delicious catch along with fresh local breads and paired with the region’s best wines.

Say goodbye to your vessel and Tasmania as you prepare to start your journey back home.


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