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Secluded ice cave in Iceland


Secluded Experiences for the Private Traveller


Safety, now more than ever, is our top priority when it comes to any Pelorus plan. You can be rest assured that we, along with our resident infection prevention advisor, will help you travel to your desired location, safely. Our founders spent many years in the military and so precision planning and risk management have always been a core part of our offering. Here’s some secluded experiences to inspire your travel planning and to help you to escape to remote locations, continuing to support local communities and businesses whilst also satisfying your wanderlust.

Northern Norway & The Lofoten Islands

When to go: May – September

Where to stay: KINFISH Yacht

Northern Norway boasts some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on Earth with the deserved reputation of being the ultimate adventure playground. An idyllic island scattered world, the Norwegian Fjords are best explored by yacht where the magical coastal scenery can be admired as you cruise. Discover quaint fishing villages flanked by red and white fisherman’s huts, dine al fresco on a pristine beach only accessible by boat, or anchor in a birdwatchers paradise surrounded by imposing mountains. For more high octane adventure, dive stunning sites to discover long lost wrecks on the seabed, head into the wilds and come face to face with habituated wolves, or helicopter ashore to experience glacial kayaking before settling down for lunch on the ice with wondrous panoramic views.  

Thailand & Myanmar: Undiscovered

When to go: November – May

Where to stay: LADY AZUL Yacht

Two rural nations of traditional values, both Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago and Southern Thailand are some of the worlds indisputably unspoilt regions comprised of coral reefs and pristine beaches. Both are prime destinations to indulge your intrigue into tribal cultures, with opportunity in Myanmar to immerse yourself with the Molten tribe, an ancient sea faring people who possess a worldly knowledge of the reefs and a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings. Unwind onboard your luxury yacht and admire the idyllic surroundings, before descending into a vibrancy of aquatic life below the surface for a truly remarkable experience. Enjoy being zen onshore in the ‘Jungle Spa’ and bathe amongst the waterfalls and freshwater rivers. Or, for a bit of competitive fun, build your own castaway experience on a remote island amongst the idyllic archipelago. Conclude your days sampling the local cuisine under the moonlight.

Iceland: Fire, Ice and Four-Wheels

When to go: February – August

Where to stay: Deplar Farm

Iceland is home to some of the most stunning volcanic scenery on Earth and this is discoverable by a 4×4 cross-country challenge as an adrenaline fuelled adventure driving over testing terrain, from the Southern-most point to Northern Iceland. Traverse majestic mountains which boast hot springs, glacial rivers and views across snow-capped peaks. Iceland is a world of beautiful valleys, dramatic gorges and ice caves accessible by snowmobiles, all whilst in the shadow of dormant volcanoes.

The Wilds of Tanzania

When to go: July – October

Where to stay: The Highlands Camp

Tanzania, the land of safaris, is an exotic corner of the world which offers an abundance of wildlife and breath-taking scenery. From the sun-soaked beaches of Zanzibar to Mt Kilimanjaro, you will encounter fascinating cultures and unrivalled amounts of game. Immerse yourself with the Masai tribe, move across the Serengeti plains, trek through the bush to stargazer tents, gain insight into the Poaching crisis or unwind on Zanzibar’s sandy stretches; a jewel in the ocean where you will find coral gardens, pods of dolphins and shoals of iridescent fish. The wilds of Tanzania offer unparalleled opportunities to explore this natural wealth of wonders, whist immersing yourself in adventure, nature and conservation.

Oman: Ultimate Desert Adventure

When to go: October – April

Where to stay: Six Senses Zighy Bay and a Luxury Private Camp.

Worlds away from any sign of civilisation, journey into Arabia and uncover the secrets of Oman. Explore the highest point in Oman, where you can climb an incredible section of Via Ferrata, or discover the Al Hajar mountain range on a guided mountain bike adventure. The Empty Quarter boasts a pristine wilderness perfect for escapism. Revel in the silent beauty of its wind-blown deserts whilst delighting in sundowners at the crest of mountain dunes. Or take to the skies in a microlight – a thrilling way to appreciate the scale of the desert. Oman presents you with the magical opportunity to not only exist under a star scattered sky, but to look deep into distant galaxies using telescopes alongside an expert astrologer. Experience the full diversity Oman has to offer and head to the coast to explore the intricate coastline and the aquatic life, particularly turtles and nurse sharks.

Tahiti: Isolate in Style

When to go: May – September

Where to stay: SILENTWORLD Yacht

Combine luxury and adventure as you discover a new destination every morning, whilst isolating from the world on board your private yacht. With our expertise in remote locations, fish the untouched outer French Polynesian island groups. The Polynesian sea is known as the ‘richest aquarium on earth’ housing over 1,000 species of fish between its private lagoons, reefs, and ocean. Learn with local champions in outrigger canoes, to paddle on the outer reefs, spearfishing, and free diving. When leaving your yacht, enjoy a private beach picnic and 4 x 4 into the lush mountainous interior visiting remote vanilla and pearl plantations on the way.

Antarctica: Discover the uninhabited 

When to go: December – February

Where to stay: ASTORIA

Embark on your adventure to the glistening, white-blanketed continent via private jet from the southern-most point of Argentina, to King George Island. Aboard your luxury yacht, cruise through ice-berg waters; home to whales, seals and sea lions. As the least populated continent on earth, revel in unrivalled opportunity for ski touring in complete seclusion. Take the first accent and decent in unchartered territory deep in the Antarctic outback. Aside from skiing, sailing and hiking – our network of industry leading contacts will plan excursions to scientific research stations, penguin rookeries and sea lion colonies. Sailing Antarctica is undoubtedly the most tranquil way to explore this magnificent continent of ice, whilst ensuring your environmental impact on this landscape and native wildlife is kept to a minimum.

Caledonian Odyssey in the Scottish Highlands

When to go: April to October

Where to stay: Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Journey north from Scotland’s enchanting capital, Edinburgh, into the Celtic mist, where vast regions of remote wilderness offer the perfect means to escape. Drive 4×4 through the compelling landscape admiring the Scottish heritage and stunning coastal views. Take to the iconic Gleneagles fairways and manicured greens in a game of golf, before crossing over to the serene oasis of the Isle of Mull. Whereby, you can sample the village’s homemade cultural delicacies and kayak through Fingal’s cave to explore pre-historic rock formations and unearth the expansive history Scotland is known for. Try your hand at fly-fishing or dip in the fairy pools before warming your body at a private single malt whisky tasting at the Talisker distillery, before unwinding in luxury at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, deep in the wilds of the highlands.


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