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Secluded Experiences for the Private Traveller

PELORUS explain how to isolate in unadulterated style whilst discovering the world's wonders.

Safety has always been at the forefront of any PELORUS plan, our founders spent many years in the military and so precision planning and risk management has always been a core part of our offering. Here, we’d like to showcase the sort of bespoke experiences we can create to help you to escape to remote locations, continue to support local communities and businesses and satisfy your need for wanderlust.

Tahiti: Isolate in style

Travel onboard your private yacht and discover a new destination every morning as you isolate yourself from the world in true luxury. With our expertise in remote locations, fish the untouched outer French Polynesian island groups. The Polynesian sea is known as the ‘richest aquarium on earth’ housing over 1,000 species of fish between its private lagoons, reefs and ocean. Learn with local champions in outrigger canoes, to paddle on the outer reefs, spearfishing and free diving. When leaving your yacht, enjoy a private beach barbecue and quad biking into the lush mountainous interior visiting remote fruit plantations on the way.

Antarctica: Discover the uninhabited 

Antarctica is the least populated place on Earth. Fly via private jet to King George Island, moving through Iceberg Valley. Ascending the glacier mountains, skiing down and taking in the spectacular seldom seen views. Aboard your 35-meter yacht, cruise towards Enterprise island, a popular strait for humpbacks and Orcas. Locating the untouched wrecks, kayak amongst huge populations of seals and penguins. Watch large tabular icebergs drift from the Weddall Sea and marvel at the volcanic cliffs, spotting the wild Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins before diving below water to discover the cold-water coral.

Scotland: Rugged wilderness

Scotland has vast regions of untouched wilderness supplying you with the perfect opportunity to escape. Discover the hidden beaches around Hebrides and enjoy the remote rivers that entwine themselves through vast moorlands whilst you fly fish for the wild Atlantic salmon. Try your hand at lobster potting with locals and explore old castles with an expert historian to unearth the expansive history Scotland is known for. Spend time foraging with a specialist, before building a fire and cooking your finds with a Michelin star chef.



We have a network of experts ready to cater to your personal needs and sense of adventure, whilst ensuring a safe and luxurious experience, for more information contact our expert team.

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