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Seals under the ice in Antarctica


Seven Worlds, One Unforgettable Experience

December 2019

As the end of 2019 looms, Sir David Attenborough graces our screens once more in a stirring series named Seven Worlds, One Planet, which aims to highlight the remarkable natural events that take place across the Earth’s seven continents. Featuring extraordinary footage of previously unseen wildlife stories and unexplored environments, this series aims to ‘celebrate the diversity of life’ on every continent, while addressing the ‘many challenges faced by animals in a modern world’, a poignant and topical issue.

Pelorus shines the spotlight on responsible luxury travel with a series of research journeys for guests, unlocking ground breaking experiences that offer exclusive access to many of the world’s hidden secrets. Every journey is built from scratch, using a global network of local experts, as well as a deep-rooted and trusted black book of scientists, archaeologists, marine biologists and conservationists, who have an intricate knowledge of their respective fields.

Snub-nosed monkeys in China
Whale shark in the seas of Australasia


The coldest, windiest, most hostile continent, considered one of the most inaccessible places on Earth. As members of IAATO, Pelorus guests will arrive at one of the longest running bases in Antarctica and the site where scientists first discovered the hole in the ozone layer. Today it continues to make a significant contribution to global warming research.

Begin your experience with an exhilarating heli trip to the northernmost Emperor Penguin colony in Antarctica. Lead by an expert Pelorus naturalist, begin a week-long collaborative research project, learning how to identify and track individual penguins that you encounter.

Experience this startling environment first hand and climb on board a zodiac to spend time with some Humpback whales and playful seals. Or experience the awe of the landscape at your own pace in a kayak, lead by a Pelorus Kayak guide with over 30 years of experience. Be the first to venture to uncharted waters and witness landscapes that few even know exist.


This varied and extreme continent is home to a huge variety of wildlife. With contacts at the World Wildlife Foundation, Pelorus offers an intimate panda experience at a remote breeding and conservation centre in the mountains outside of Chengdu. With local handlers and conservation specialists, you will have an opportunity to get hands on with panda life: assisting in feeding, mucking out the enclosures and bringing them their favourite meal, bamboo.

Journey through mystical forests in search of one of the world’s rarest creatures, the snub-nosed monkey, as featured in the series. Learn how the legendary Yeti came to be as you uncover the secrets of this fascinating primate, before a cultural experience in the small mountain village of Tacheng where you can view the famous Yangtze River in all its glory.

Wolf pack in Norway, Europe
Dart frog in South America

South America

South America is the most species rich continent on Earth and animals here carve out a niche to adapt to the dizzyingly diverse landscapes within it. Alongside an expert biologist, journey through Colombia’s tropical dry forest to learn about a conservation project to protect the endangered cotton-top tamarin monkey, which will feature in this particular episode.

Head to the verdant Peruvian Amazon in search of the Peru poison dart frog. Aid conservationists in a project that will provide vital information about the ecology and habitat of this beautiful yet endangered species.

Journey into The Pantanal, the largest wetland plain on the planet, to assist in collaring Jaguars is a completely bespoke, once in a lifetime experience; alongside scientists and conservationists you will track, sedate and collar one of these mysterious and mesmeric creatures in order to aid conservation efforts.

Venture south to track the elusive puma, the largest big cat in Patagonia, with a specialised team of experts. Head into the mountains to search for these elusive creatures on foot, while your guide will be in radio contact with others to give you the best possible chance of a successful outing.


Join Pelorus in a journey to explore a ‘continent of weirdos, beautiful animals and things you wont have seen in other places’. Explore the rugged western coast of Australia where the vast outback meets the sea; Ningaloo Reef is the world’s third largest fringing reef, home to corals, fish, manta rays, dugongs, dolphins as well as the passing parade of humpback whales and whale sharks. Diving here is the only way to experience the wonder of the marine world. Plunge beneath the waves with a Pelorus dive master and conservationist to marvel at majestic whale sharks and monitor their behaviour to better understand their migratory habits.

For those who wish to discover Australia’s best loved wildlife on land, journey to Cape Range National Park that boasts stunning panoramic scenery. Wander spectacular hiking trails and look out for iconic red-kangaroos, spiny echidnas and over 100 species of  vibrant, endemic birds.

Bear cubs in the wilds of Romania
Baby elephant in Africa


Explore this scenic continent that hides intriguing animals in pockets of wilderness. Head into the Piatra Craiului National Park in Romania with an expert Pelorus guide; pass through vast gorges, rushing waterfalls and mysterious caves as you head into the forest to take up a position in a mountain hide. As the light begins to fade, bears come out in search of food. Hidden within your wooden hut you can silently observe these majestic and intriguing animals. This is a unique way to see these wild bears up close in complete safety.

Guided by Pelorus experts and local naturalists, journey to the frozen wilds of Northern Norway for an intimate encounter with beguiling wolves. Learn about their behavioural patterns and their methods of communication in this intensely personal and unforgettable experience. Explore the Northernmost Polar Park and go in search of the ancient musk ox that silently patrols the white wilderness.


Pelorus has established strong relationships with a wide-ranging network of uniquely qualified experts, including researchers, conservation scientists and anti-poaching units located in the heartland of African safari country.

There is no greater way to discover the glorious natural world of the Mara and the Serengeti than through the lens of the crucial conservation efforts being undertaken. Alongside experts in their field, contribute to their work and track collared elephants, a pivotal step in conservation efforts that will aid their understanding of how their migratory patterns are shifting.

Experience first-hand the emotional connection that researchers develop with the cheetahs they study as you observe and interact with them, before spending time with rangers who battle to protect vast swathes of pristine bush from invading poachers. 


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