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Pelorus in the Press


Yachting for daredevils

Oct 2020

From underwater exploration to death-defying activities on land, there’s more to chartering than simple cruising.

One of the best high-octane sports, best enjoyed by dropping in via helicopter is heli-biking – essentially mountain biking in extreme and far-flung destinations. “Heli-biking offers the perfect way to escape the crowds, and, from a yacht, total exclusivity,” says Geordie Mackay-Lewis, co-founder at Pelorus. “Being able to access super-remote locations in the comfort and safety of a yacht is one of the greatest benefits of yachting. In addition, you have the perfect platform to move your logistics and guides to where the best riding is and have the entire area to yourself.”

Mackay-Lewis has been a keen heli-biker ever since he discovered the sport while testing out some remote trails for a client. “One of my earlier memories was being dropped off at the top of a mountain in British Columbia surrounded by glaciers. We rode across one of the highest bike trails in North America with utterly breath-taking views and an exciting descent,” he says.

As for where to ride, he advises Alaska, British Columbia and New Zealand: “They all have a high number of helicopters, amazing trails and superb mountain conditions to ride.”

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Bhutan Heli Biking Kinfish yacht by Svalbard in Norway. Summer Escapes Europe