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Tahiti diving Fakarava, credit Tahiti Tourisme Alexandre Voyer

Pelorus in the Press

Superyacht Stories

We are delighted to be featured in Superyacht Stories by Naomi Chadderton for our predictions in luxury travel and yachting over the next five years.

Jan 2023
Family hiking in Sri Lanka

“From riding purebred Nordic horses across Icelandic lava fields to going fossil hunting in Madagascar, Pelorus is seeing a trend towards more adventurous and intrepid family holidays, and with the pandemic (hopefully) a thing of the past, are able to create long-term travel plans for clients, scheduling trips abroad for upcoming school holidays designed to complement the education they receive at home.

After all, what better way to learn about climate change and conservation by seeing icebergs firsthand, or endangered animals in the wild? According to the luxury travel company, demand for these educational family holidays has increased 185 per cent between 2021 and 2022, and just looks set to get more popular in years to come.” 

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Tahiti snorkelling, credit Tahiti Tourisme David Kirkland

“As a travel company with a conscience, Pelorus is leading the way with trips that provide a blueprint for high-budget ethical tourism of the future. Clients can become ‘Citizen Scientists’, for example, by spending time with marine biologists in French Polynesia where they can study coral reefs, monitor the breeding habitats of tiger sharks and log the nesting sites of sea turtles.” 

“”Travel has the power to shift perspectives immeasurably, and in doing so alter the legacy we choose to leave on the world,” says Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Pelorus co-founder and CEO. “As a traveller who is passionate about wild places, I am intrinsically concerned about the protection and preservation of our expanses of rainforests, the health of our oceans and peculiar animals like the pangolin, which future generations may never see. With this in mind, over the next five years we will be driving environmental protection through experiences that have been designed in collaboration with the Pelorus Foundation.” 

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4x4 desert adventure amongst Saudi Arabia's jagged rock formations 700X1000

“”Our logistical and operational excellence allows us to operate in environments and destinations that are as of yet unexplored,” explains Mackay-Lewis. “Our coalition of expert guides and operators allows us to give our clients the very best experiences, but it’s also important that in these far-flung locations we encourage our clients to travel with respect for the environment.””

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Suri yacht ocean exploration

“From Raja Ampat to Alaska, travellers will increasingly be investing in explorer yachts to take them to off-the-beaten-track locations, with an increasing demand for yachts with more autonomy, range and capability.”

“What’s more, with an increasing number of new destinations becoming more accessible to yachts wishing to venture off the beaten track, including Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Papua New Guinea, ocean exploration allows travellers to experience every facet of a destination through unique activities, education and conservation in a safe and luxurious environment.”

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Oceansky Cruises

“”Moving around the planet is an unavoidable aspect of travel,” explains Jimmy Carroll, co-founder of Pelorus. “It’s often the most difficult to justify when looking at the environmental cost of ultra-bespoke experiences and is a long-standing issue that we, along with the rest of the industry, are acutely aware of. Thankfully we are seeing transport and logistic providers on land, sea and in the air working incredibly hard to develop cutting-edge technology that allows for massive improvements in this area while also maintaining the standards that UHNWIs are used to.””

“Perhaps most exciting, Pelorus is also partnering with Swedish company OceanSky Cruises to launch aerial Clean Tech Expeditions from Longyearbyen, Svalbard to the North Pole aboard next-generation Airlander 10 airships. Filled with lift-giving helium gas which is lighter than air, and powered by four propellers, it can fly for days, doesn’t need a runway and will be able to take off and land almost anywhere.” 

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