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66m Hodor yacht exterior and heli


Hodor: A Floating Toy Box for Experiential Travel

An insight into one of the most well stocked support vessels on the water 

Photography by Clint Jenkins
Words by Pelorus

With tenders, toys, and aircraft carrying facilities, HODOR holds the metaphorical door to adventure ajar for all who travel on the superyacht, LONIAN. As the latest member of a growing global fleet of support vessels, known as ‘shadow boats’, HODOR arouses great excitement in the world of yachting with its virtual armada of recreational assets that support and enhance the experience of its guests.

This 66-metre support vessel is the first launch in the Shadow Cat series from Incat Crowther: its innovative multihull design adheres to the demands of the luxury yacht market without sacrificing any of its oceangoing capabilities. HODOR is fully customised, born out of a collaboration between naval architects and the owner, whose primary concern was to ensure the safety of his guests when transferring between the two vessels. This specification is reflected by a design that boasts ample deck and storage space, stability, and efficiency on the water, whilst complimenting the level of luxury that the mother ship exhibits.

But what excites us so profoundly at Pelorus is HODOR’s ability to access the inaccessible. This vessel offers it all, supporting underwater exploration, helicopter trips, and a vast array of recreational devices for both water and land-based activities.

On Board

The aft deck remains a flexible space to accommodate for the comings and goings of the vessel, which safely carries a fleet of five tenders and coordinating helicopter operations without disrupting life on the mother ship. A fully certified and CAP437 compliant helipad lies in wait to receive guests forward to a spacious reception lounge, allowing guests to be transferred in comfort.

Large knuckle boom and twin-beam cranes stand to attention ready to launch and receive a variety of tenders, the largest of which is a 56-foot long chase boat with four high-performance outboard engines. In a separate quarter resides HODOR’s own submarine, primed to offer a truly unique and immersive experience, exploring the hidden depths of the ocean.

The fun doesn’t end there. Beneath the lid of this adventurer’s toy box is storage for jet skis, all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, and accommodation for a crew of 20 with a mix of double and twin staterooms.

The lower deck boasts a luxury boarding lounge complete with a multi-purpose balcony suspended above water level which functions also as a boarding platform for transfers between the mother ship. It also houses an onboard hospital, complete with a decompression chamber, NITROX, and 02 facilities to support diving excursions. And in addition to each of these outstanding amenities, HODOR utilises a special IMO Tier 3 compliant exhaust cleaning system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This stunning vessel not only caters to the demands of intrepid adventurers but does so with careful consideration of its environmental impact; a highly important attribute in an increasingly climate-conscious global community.

Pelorus is on a mission to change the future of luxury experiential travel, constantly searching for distinctive ways to offer extraordinary, immersive experiences. We believe that travelling by yacht generates an opportunity to explore the most remote environments. But travelling with the addition of a support vessel such as HODOR, a veritable toy box of recreational assets, leaves every door to the wonderful world of experiential travel unlocked.


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