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Marketing Executive

Alanna Hollings

Sport and adventure have always played an important role in Alanna’s life; from competing nationally in Athletics events to action-packed family holidays. Originally from Durham, Alanna has a degree in ‘PR, Marketing and Media’ from Canterbury Christ Church University. During this time, she undertook a year in industry, where she worked in international communications for Nike. After completing her degree and working for a digital marketing agency, her life-long passion for winter sports and mountain life finally led her to the French Alps, where she hosted in boutique chalets during the winter and the summer months. She then moved to London to begin her career at Pelorus in 2019.

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Number one unforgettable travel experience?

Watching the sun slowly set while sat in a Bedouin camp after a long camel trek into the Egyptian desert, the colours were so striking that a camera would not have done it justice. 


Top of your travel bucket list?

So many places! AlUla in Saudi Arabia since it has just opened to tourists and the history sounds incredible; Skiing in Japan, I’ve heard the powder there is light as air; and of course a country-music road trip though America would be a dream of mine. 


Who is your ultimate travel partner?

Helen Skelton (Former Blue Peter presenter, now a presenter on Countryfile), I feel like she would be really fun and up for a true off-the-beaten-track wild adventure.