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After graduating from Durham University with a degree in Psychology, Emma set out to follow her passion for a career in travel, bringing her to Pelorus. Having been fortunate to travel from a young age, Emma has dived with sharks in the Galapagos, trekked through the Peruvian Amazon and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. With a love of all things outdoors, Emma is a keen skier, open water swimmer and scuba diver.

Project Executive
Emma Machu Project Exec Emma Project Exec

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

The Galapagos Islands – scuba diving with schools of sharks, swimming with playful sea lions and kayaking along the coast when a turtle popped its head up to say hello.

Top of your travel bucket list?

Snowmobile safari in Svalbard to see the polar bears. Exploring the glacial ice caps and towering coastal fjords by snowmobile and dog sled, camping in the heart of the frozen wilderness and searching for the majestic whales at sea.

Who is your ultimate travel partner?

Lewis Pugh – having completed long distance open water swims in every ocean of the world I’d love to hear about his experiences whilst also getting to join him on some epic swims in incredible locations around the world. He also uses his swims to campaign to protect the oceans which is something I am hugely passionate about.