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Yacht Marketing Manager


Hailing from Dublin, Kelsey moved to London at 18 to study Musical Theatre. This led to an 8-year career on the stage, taking her all over the UK and Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Denmark and East Asia. Igniting a love for travel, personal trips have seen her on safari in South Africa, doing yoga in Thailand and swimming with stingrays in the Caribbean. A career move saw Kelsey transition into the yachting industry where she honed her marketing skills working for a leading yacht brokerage company in Monaco. Five years on, a move back to London has found Kelsey joining the Pelorus team.

Yacht Marketing Kelsey Kelsey marketing team
Safari Zebras in Botswana beach yacht marketing Kelsey

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

My most memorable and astonishing travel experience was watching two fully grown male giraffes in a territorial battle while on safari in South Africa. I was so close to the action and felt incredibly humbled and awed to have seen something like this first-hand in the wild. 


Top of your travel bucket list?

Trekking in the Himalayas or swimming with whale sharks in Indonesia.


Who is your ultimate travel partner?

My soon-to-be husband. He also loves the outdoors and can’t sit still for too long which means our itineraries are always packed with activities and sights.