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Marketing and Sustainability Executive

Megan Williams

Growing up between rural North Wales and the North of Scotland, Meggie spent most of her childhood outdoors, either running a little wild with her three other siblings or helping her parents with their various conservation projects – more often than not – both at the same time. After leaving school, Meggie spent ten wonderful months in India, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Europe – working, volunteering and travelling. Upon her return, she studied history and politics at Newcastle University followed by a master’s in journalism at Edinburgh Napier.

Before joining the Pelorus Foundation, Meggie was based in Kathmandu working as a research and communications intern for the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament. From gaining hands-on experience to witnessing the destruction of our planet in various locations around the world, Meggie developed a strong desire to work in environmental conservation.

Meggie Williams Meggie Williams
Meggie Williams Meggie Williams

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

One of my most unforgettable travel experiences was catching my first ever unbroken wave in Morocco when surfing. What felt like the biggest wave in the world turned out to be, in fact, very little, but absolutely elated that some fruition had come from the last few years spent splashing about in the white-water, I celebrated with a very hearty Moroccan breakfast while watching the locals surf.


Top of your travel bucket list?

A trip to the untouched wilderness of Mongolia is very high on my travel bucket list – to go in search of the rare snow leopard. Or surfing in Sri Lanka!


Who is your ultimate travel partner?

Katelyn – one of my best friends. Back in 2017 we travelled together for six months and she is one of the funniest people I know which is definitely what you need during the inevitable backpacking dramas.