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Ruari’s obsession for all things travel and adventure started at a young age and has seen him journey across the world in search of new experiences and adventures. Having taken part in ultra-marathons and a variety of outdoor expeditions, Ruari is always searching for the next challenge. After graduating university with a degree in International Relations, Ruari first joined the Pelorus team as an intern back in 2018, before heading off to gain some experience working in finance and at a technology start-up. Ruari quickly decided to return to his true passion in travel and re-joined the team in 2021.

Alongside working at Pelorus, Ruari currently serves as a reserve soldier in a British Army surveillance and reconnaissance regiment, and is an avid photographer, skier, and advanced diver (he also spends half his time trying to exhaust his inexhaustible spaniel!).

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Number one unforgettable travel experience?


I will never forget the first time I arrived in Iceland – even the descent into the airport blew me away! Not only was I completely captivated by the scenery and culture, I will never forget the feeling hurling down a glacier on a snowmobile.


Top of your travel bucket list?


I have always dreamt of taking a David Yarrow-esque photograph of a Polar Bear. He captured one shot where he was so close you can see the reflection of his camera in the polar bear’s pupil.


Who is your ultimate travel partner?


If I am allowed to take a historical figure, it would have to be Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor. He was once described as “a cross between Indiana Jones, James Bond and Graham Greene.”


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