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Island hopping in the Philippines, a safari in Tanzania, adventure in Sulawesi’s Togian Islands, or navigating Borneo’s jungle. Exploring remote corners of our world has fuelled a passion to begin a career in travel. After graduating in English Literature and Publishing Media, Tatiana’s combined love for skiing and cooking naturally took her to Val d’Isere’s slopes as a luxury chalet chef for the 19/20 season. Since Covid cancelled her travels following her early return, joined the Pelorus team. Tatiana enjoys long country walks to a pub lunch and producing the occasional large and whacky oil painting.

Togian Islands Tatiana St Pier Safari
Tatiana St Cloud Ski Touring with Tatiana

Number one unforgettable travel experience?


Sulawesi. A beguiling tropical island, wrapped around the stunning oasis of the Togian Islands. These islands are a hard to get to. But the best places often are.


Top of your travel bucket list?


I had a special trip cancelled to Peru this summer. So here, or anywhere else in South America. The remote areas and tribal communities fascinate me.


Who is your ultimate travel partner?


Comedian and travel writer, Michael Palin, 30-odd years ago. When broadcasting his travels ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ was a fascinating first, accompanied by a combination of factual commentary and Monty Python type comedy.