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Tribal Experience Papua New Guinea


The Bare Bones of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s most remote locations and comprises a huge diversity of undiscovered landscapes and species from expansive forests, live volcanoes, and varied underwater topography. Home to around 312 different tribes, Papua New Guinea offers rich and fascinating cultural traditions to explore.

When to go
From price
£18,500 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights

Take a helicopter to Aseki, a fringe highland region totally detached from the modern world. Here you’ll be dropped off, climbing through the jungle to see the smoked corpses of Aseki assembled in bamboo shrines. Smeared with red clay, they are in various stages of decomposition, with parched sections of skin and muscle clinging to their skeletons. Learn the remarkable history of this elaborate smoking and mummification process.

Dive in the magical waters off East New Britain, home to a plethora of pelagic life. Swim with a pod of around 200 bottlenose dolphins in the blue waters of Blanche Bay, and then climb the active volcano, Mount Tavurvur, which has stained the surrounding water different shades of yellows and oranges. End your day with a sensational performance from the explosive dancing, flames, and energies of the unforgettable Baining’s Fire Dancers.

Travel upstream on the Sepik River by traditional dugout canoes, meandering your way through lush greenery in gentle twists and turns. Spend time with the Crocodile Men, a tribal community who live along the Sepik River. With crocodiles as their totem animal, see the men whose backs and shoulders have been cut and scarred so as to resemble a crocodile’s skin, a sign of honour amongst the community.

Trek through the thick jungle in the remote mountains of the Southern Highlands to reach the homes of the Huli Wigmen, a tribe synonymous with Papa New Guinea. Adorned in elaborative, decorative woven wigs, grass skirts, and yellow-painted faces, the Huli Wigmen are resolutely traditional in their customs, practices, and lifestyle. Immerse yourself fully in their culture, as you learn the traditional art of hunting with bow and arrows and prepare meals as the Huli have for thousands of years. Sleep in kunai grass houses and spend a night in a remote, jungle hunting camp, a humbling and fascinating experience.

Papua New Guinea Painted Tribesman Three Tribesmen Papua New Guinea
Jungle and Mountains Papua New Guinea Tribes Man Papua New Guinea

End your trip along the coast of Milne Bay, the perfect location to try your skills at game fishing in the abundant waters, home to yellowfish tuna, wahoo, and barracuda. For dinner, delight in the flavours of your fresh catches, prepared by your private chef. Discover the remnants of the region’s WWII relics and wrecks, both on land and underwater. Visit the Skull Cave, where the skulls of village ancestors remain in place from ancient burial rituals. Reachable through dense bush leading to the underground cave, this is an eerie, yet intriguing experience as you discover a captivating history and culture.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults travelling for 10 nights excluding international flights.


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